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Richard N.
Full-stack JS developer Richard N. Norway 5 Years

I am a full-stack engineer based out of Prague, Czech Republic with a decade of advanced programming experience and an ability to craft elegant solutions to complex problems. Show more

  • #PHP
  • #Node.js
  • #Symfony
Margaryta K.
Blockchain Developer - Master@IBM Margaryta K. Germany 3 years

I am a software developer passionate about Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity Show more

  • #AngularJS
  • #Node.js
Dmitry I.
Full stack developer with Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Dmitry I. Odessa, Ukraine 5 years $46/hour

I am a full-stack developer who has over 10 years of experience in web, mobile & software development. As a full-stack developer, I specialized in everything from front-end to back-end and have a general knowledge of Show more

  • #Node.js
  • #Angular
  • #React.js
Ji J.
Senior Blockchain developer Ji J. Hong Kong, SAR 5 years

I have been working as a web developer for 10 years. I am a full-stack web software engineer .I'm a professional who is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Sometimes I make jokes and Show more

  • #Laravel
  • #PHP
  • #MySQL
Derek C.
Senior Javascript Developer (React, Node.js, Typescript) Derek C. Toronto, Canada 6 years $65/hour

I am an experienced software engineer who cares more about quality over quantity, more about meticulousness over hastiness. Over 8 years of experience has given me lots of chances of self-improvements, where I have grown to be a qualified Show more

  • #React
  • #Node.js
  • #Redux
Chris Y.
Senior React developer with blockchain Chris Y. Toronto, Canada 4 years $48/hour

Show more

  • #PHP
  • #Python
  • #React.js
Ciprian T.
Freelance backend developer with Node.js and MongoDB Ciprian T. Iaşi, Romania 5 years $55/hour

Experienced backend developer with over 5 years of experience. Ciprian doesnt quite enjoy working in corporate, therefore he is open to and excited about joing smaller company/startup and participate in moving the business forward. Show more

  • #Node.js
  • #MongoDB
  • #React.js
Leonardo Ardila Osorio
Senior Shopify developer Leonardo Leonardo Ardila Osorio Colombia 8

Leonardo’s programming skills are enhanced by his curiosity and imagination. The goal of his work isn’t just to complete a project. He wants to understand the process inside and out and maximize efficiency, dreaming of better Show more

  • #Node.js
  • #Vue 2
  • #Vue 3

How to hire the best Node.js developers?

If you have ever worked on software development, or are aware of JS language, you are probably familiar with Node.js and how important it is in the project development process. There are many Node js programmers out there for hire, including project managers and even junior developers. However, there are a lot of questions regarding how to hire Node...

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With senior resources from EliteBrains, we are able to drive our digital harmonization agenda: Migration of different reporting platforms to QlikSense analytics and Harmonization of different digital detailing systems into Veeva CLM.

Jiri Matousek, Head of CRM at Hexal AG Jiri Matousek, Head of CRM at Hexal AG
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EliteBrains provided us with a top PHP developer who has been working for us for more than 4 years. Jan became indispensable part of our team within few weeks.

Dave Etchells, CEO at Dave Etchells, CEO at
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Each time we are in a need of new software developer, we just contact the guys from EliteBrains. Their network is huge so they provide us with demanded sources very quickly.

Martin Svach, CEO at Starkys club Martin Svach, CEO at Starkys club

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How to hire the best Node.js developers?

Hire a Node js developer

If you have ever worked on software development, or are aware of JS language, you are probably familiar with Node.js and how important it is in the project development process. There are many Node js programmers out there for hire, including project managers and even junior developers. However, there are a lot of questions regarding how to hire Node js developers and how to improve the performance of your software development team. In this article we are going to outline some key areas to consider when looking to hire Node js developers to help you find the perfect person to create your applications, website, or software projects. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a program designed to help developers create high quality apps and web applications, and is a commonly used app used among IT specialists for many reasons. For instance, Node.js is known for its reliability, performance, and easy-to-use features. It has built-in libraries and is capable of controlling various connections in a single machine simultaneously. It is estimated that around 51% of programmers prefer Node.js over other programming languages and web frameworks. In the next section we will look closer about the specific services, technology, and components of Node.js that make it one of the most useful applications for software developers to know. 

Features of Node.js

Node.js is built around JavaScript

The fact that Node.js is used to develop full stack web applications is one reason that it is a commonly used app among software engineers and preferred by customers and clients. It is often the first choice by the project manager when choosing between apps to complete a project, and is the most used programming language, tool for app development, and program for finding software solutions according to GitHub.

Node.js Has the Best Speed in Code Execution

Another advantage of Node.Js is how fast the codes are executed in the software development processes. It encourages the creation of highly scalable and efficient web apps that offer excellence in customer experience and easy to use user interfaces. This makes the different processes that are involved in the creation of web applications go much quicker and the clients happier about the performance of their apps. 

Node JS is Popular and Easy to Use

Node developers have used this technology to successfully build a lot of software including compilers, GUI builders, command-line tools, package managers, I\O bound apps among others. Node Js also has no buffer, is released under the MIT license, and is asynchronous and event-driven. It is so high on the list that it competes with technologies such as the V8 engine.

Putting into consideration the above, it is clear why IT companies can expand their teams, projects, enterprises, and businesses when they hire Node js developers. It gets easier to meet your business requirements when customers are content with the performance of your software development team, and since the number of Node js programmers keeps rising over different talent networks, there are many opportunities to hire Node.js developers if you know what you are looking for! If you require the services of a team of Node.js developers, a thorough analysis is essential. It might be a daunting task since various business requirements need to be considered, but we will try to help outline some of the things to consider when finding the right developer for your projects. 

How to Hire a Node.js Developer

Node.js developers are responsible for server-side website application logic in JavaScript and its variants. Such writings include IcedCoffeeScript, CoffeeScript, and many others. The node.js developers connect applications with web services and web servers. Back end developers create the back-end components of the app and support the front-end node.js developers by integrating their work within the application. Below are things you should consider before you hire a Node.js developer or a node js development team:

Know the Mode of Hiring

There are three types of developers who might come in handy depending on the layout and the budget of your project. The developer pricing model and salary when you want to hire Node.js developers may also depend on which type of services and enhancement you may need. They include:


In this case, you need to have an office which would be a considerable place to accommodate them. An in-house developer can be an effective solution for some companies, but not for a startup or some working environments. An in-house developer would be more likely to take on roles like project manager, and would be a consistent part of your software development team. But likely, their price model would be notably higher due to their stable position in your company. 


A freelancer project designer or a web developer can be more affordable but finding remote web developers can depend on your specific business needs or project requirements. Trying to search through the freelancer platforms to hire Node js developers can be a daunting task. If you are lucky to get one, keeping in contact with them is crucial as you track the progress of enhancement. Finding a freelance Node.js developer that has reliability and experience as a project manager can be difficult. You can hire developers across a spectrum of pricing models from platforms such as Upwork and Toptal.

Development Company

A development company is a good choice to go for. They guarantee on-time delivery and affirm you of top-notch quality service. Here you will get to work with various developers who have specific knowledge and ideas that will add to the quality to your project. They also offer after-development support, project management tools, and maintenance. This is the approach we support here at Hire Remotely.

Have Your Requirements Outlined

Before assessing the skills of the experts or the company, ensure you know your needs in detail. Having details of what your project entails is important since it helps filter out proposals and helps to find potential candidates that you want to hire. Apart from the essential knowledge of the programming language, ensure that the development teams have the following:

- Can write integration testing codes and code complex designs

- Should know the methodologies of agile and scrum

- Should be experienced in GitHub coding and building apps

- Have a detailed understanding of the used frontend tech and server side development

- Be able to find IT solutions and include security features

- Understand building an engagement model

These are just some of the must-haves. However, having experience in your product is an added advantage when looking to hire Node js developers. Finally, based on your project, the experts should be well conversant with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, databases among others.

Additional Skills

It is necessary to hire Node.js developers with Node.js and additional skills apart from the technical ones since they can go an extra mile in their approach to your application. When you hire a node.js developer with great problem-solving and communication skills, you are sure to get help when you need suggestions for improvement to your project completion. This will not only make you more satisfied but also your clients and customers. They need to be flexible and open to modifications to create an amazing website. A varied skill set is necessary for any web development project or project manager. 

Service Experience

Knowing the work source code experience before hiring Node.js developer is an important aspect someone should consider. It is important to learn about the past projects from either the company or individual developer to have a clear idea of their ability. One of the frequently asked questions we get is how to know that people advertising their services online can be trusted to offer quality services and results. This can be difficult to know on some platforms that don’t test developers before putting them on their site. This is why we suggest that when you want to hire Node js developers, that you use a website that tests the developers before offering their services to clients, or testing them in the interview process. The hiring process might be simpler if by any chance they have their abilities tested before the hiring process, which is something that we do here at EliteBrains. 

Whether you are coming up with a top-notch scalable app or a basic application, hiring a developer depends on your needs. Everything about your team depends on how you need the app to be built and what your project is all about, but with the right hiring platform you will be able hire a Node.js developer that will be perfect for your company.


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