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Richard N.
Full-stack JS developer Richard N. Remotely (meetings possible) 5 Years

I am a full-stack engineer based out of Prague, Czech Republic with a decade of advanced programming experience and an ability to craft elegant solutions to complex problems. Show more

  • #PHP
  • #Node.js
  • #Symfony
Tomas N.
Freelance PHP developer Tomas N. Remotely (meetings possible) 5 Years $45/hour

I am an experienced Backend Developer with more than 10 years of experience in international companies, always using the technologies and current trends of the market. I use mainly PHP/Laravel/Vue.js for my development producing fast and reliable Show more

  • #PHP
  • #Laravel
  • #Nette
Swetang K.
Web developer Swetang K. Hayes, United Kingdom 6 years 45 USD/hour

I am senior Software Engineer, proficient in WordPress, WooCommerce, Angular, Javascript, jQuery, Opencart, MySQL, GIT, svn. I believe in quality of work, dedication, self learning and upskilling, teamwork as well as client on the 1st place approach. Show more

  • #PHP
  • #WordPress
  • #Angular 7
Abderrahim K.
Full-stack Developer Abderrahim K. Alberta, Canada 9 years

I've been building websites and learning code for almost 10 years and am experienced in WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap 4, WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and Google Analytics. I work on a variety of projects Show more

  • #WordPress
  • #HTML
  • #CSS
Rafael F.
Full-stack Developer Rafael F. Brazil 10 years $64/hour

I'm a full-stack developer with 10 years of experience specialized on Wordpress and Woocommerce. My main tech stack is Javascript, Node.js, React, Material-UI, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, C#, PHP, Java (Android development), SQL Server, Redis, RabbitMQ Show more

  • #Wordpress
  • #Node.js
  • #React
Patrick C.
Senior Blockchain Engineer & Development Lead Patrick C. Germany 8 years

Patrick is a senior blockchain developer who has been working with blockchain technologies for about 5 years. He has worked both with a startups as well as big, state institutions. He is focused on Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Solidity, also he Show more

  • #Ethereum
  • #Solidity
  • #Python
Margaryta K.
Blockchain Developer - [email protected] Margaryta K. Germany 3 years

I am a software developer passionate about Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity Show more

  • #AngularJS
  • #Node.js
Fahrudin H.
Senior Python Developer Fahrudin H. Bosna $45/hour

Fahrudin is a senior Python developer with excellent English and communication skills. He was working as a backend and full-stack developer for about 8 years, his hobby is teaching C/C++ development on the University of Sarajevo. Besides Python Show more

  • #Python
  • #Java
  • #HTML
Andrei V.
Tech Lead Manager Andrei V. Romania $80/hour

Andrei is an experienced software engineer who has a rich history of leading the development teams either from the position of manager or tech lead. He has been working with Node.js, Typescript, React, AWS, GraphQL, Kubernetes and many other Show more

  • #Node.js
  • #React.js
  • #HTML
Ivica J.
Full-stack Developer Ivica J. Croatia 8 years

Ivica is a Full-stack Developer with more than 8 years of experience especially in JavaScript, PHP and Python. In the last three years he has focused on cross platform mobile frameworks, database administration and blockchain. He has Show more

  • #PHP
  • #Python
  • #MongoDB
Alexandar D.
Senior Full-stack Developer Alexandar D. Serbia 4 years

Alexandar is a senior full-stack developer working on projects related to mobile apps and web development. He is also focused on Blockchain development, dapps and Crypto trading. His tech stack includes: Native (vanilla) JavaScript, HTML 5/XHTML 5, CSS Show more

  • #HTML
  • #CSS
  • #React
Mert E.
iOS Developer Mert E. Istanbul, Turkey 10 years

Developing native iOS apps with Swift and mobile games using Unity for more than 10 years. Currently leading Mobile Development on CRM company applications at CCI. Specializing on Salesforce products using Swift language, as well as CI platforms with Azure Show more

  • #Swift
  • #Firebase
  • #Unity
Azimjon P.
Backend Engineer Azimjon P. Poland 3+ years $48/hour

Experienced backend engineer with 3 years of experience in building scalable and maintainable backend services in Python and Golang. I also write a biweekly blog about non-technical things in the technical world at azimjon.com. Projects: 1. https:// Show more

  • #Golang
  • #Proxy
  • #Python
Ivan B.
CTO / Blockchain Solution Architect / Technical Manager Ivan B. Poland 10 years

Not only I develop blockchain projects, but I also fill them with the sense and value. ~ I’m a tech guy with 10+ years of experience in commercial development. Have been working in the blockchain/fintech industry for already Show more

  • #Big Data
  • #Linux
  • #Pre-sales
Getúlio F.
Senior Front-End Developer | React, React Native, Vue | UI Specialist Getúlio F. Brazil $49/hour

I work since 2007 with GUI development, specializing in UX, UI and Front-End Development processes. I am a very active professional and passionate about Javascript, React.js and SVG. I always try to be focused on my results, being Show more

  • #React.js
  • #Design
  • #Bootstrap
Bryan Clement U.
Senior Frontend Developer with React.js, Node.js and RoR Bryan Clement U. Nigeria

Clement is a full-stack JavaScript developer & an entrepreneur who is passionate about how technology is used as a tool for socio-economic change. He is big on using technology to solve real-life problems. He is proficient in Show more

  • #React.js
  • #Node.js
  • #Vue.js
Bodor B.
Web developer with React, PHP, SASS Bodor B. Hungary 5 years $50/hour

Github repo https://github.com/smupyknight Full-stack web & mobile development Libraries & Frameworks – React.js, React Native, Laravel, Symfony, Express.js, Meteor.js, Sails.js, Koa.js, Loopback.io, Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails, Spring, Hadoop, Spark, Show more

  • #React
  • #Node.js
  • #PHP
Dmitry I.
Full stack developer with Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Dmitry I. Odessa, Ukraine 5 years $46/hour

I am a full-stack developer who has over 10 years of experience in web, mobile & software development. As a full-stack developer, I specialized in everything from front-end to back-end and have a general knowledge of Show more

  • #Node.js
  • #Angular
  • #React.js
Ji J.
Senior Blockchain developer Ji J. Hong Kong, SAR 5 years

I have been working as a web developer for 10 years. I am a full-stack web software engineer .I'm a professional who is easy to talk to and easy to work with. Sometimes I make jokes and Show more

  • #Laravel
  • #PHP
  • #MySQL
Josef W.
Senior Android developer Josef W. Taiwan

Experienced Android Developer. Recently discovered Flutter which I think is amazing. Show more

  • #MVVM
  • #Retrofit
  • #Degger

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