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Coding tests save you hours interviewing each candidate who applies for a software engineering position. But after screening more than 8,300 developers, we’ve learned the smartest candidate isn’t always the best hire. That’s why the EliteBrains™ platform uses real‑world scenarios to screen developers’ coding skills alongside their quick‑thinking, solution-generation and time‑management capabilities.

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With EliteBrains Coding Tests we were able to screen and evaluate candidates 5 times faster compared to the old waz of doing technical interviews.

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EliteBrains™ Coding Tests

EliteBrains™ has helped tech teams in over 300 startups, government enterprises and multinational companies hire software engineers. In our experience, the hires with the longest tenures were rarely the candidates with the best technical knowledge on paper.

So what’s the best way to screen developers’ coding skills?

The day-to-day tasks of a software engineer are way more than just writing code from scratch. More often than not, software engineers need to collaborate on code already written by current or former colleagues. They need to analyze the code. They need to create specific functions to add to the code. They need to fix the code. They need to debug the code. And they need to hit deadlines.

EliteBrains™ Coding Tests Key Features

You can’t measure these kinds of coding skills with a theoretical coding test alone.

That’s why EliteBrains™ coding tests use real-world scenarios to screen developer skills. Our coding tests take into account quick-thinking, solution-generation and time-management capabilities – exactly the coding skills a candidate needs to succeed on your tech team.

  • 10,000+ coding challenges
  • 120+ programming languages
  • 3 levels of seniority
  • Coding test creation in under 1 minute
  • Code fixes, function creation and debugging
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Quick-thinking, solution-generation and time-management coding skills
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Coding Test Examples

EliteBrains™ coding tests help you evaluate the three most important elements of a talented developer

  • Code Fixing
  • Code Writing
  • Code Knowledge

Code Writing

Last but not least, strong developer should have a strong experience with writing the code and building the apps from scratch. This part of questions cover the most important part - programming skills. Few examples of questions:

  • Write an SQL statement to insert one row
  • Fill the missing line of the code on line 18
  • Type a script for initializing javascript object.

Code Fixing

Every developer should be able to read and understand the code of his current or former colleagues. Building the project from scratch is great, but more often you will be looking for a person who will build addittional feature, functions, refactoring the existing code base. The example questions:

  • What is the output of the following code
  • Why a syntax error is displayed after compiling following code
  • How to fix the following bug

Code Knowledge

It is essential for each developer to have a solid background of software architecture. We put together a variation of questions to prove the developer is able to prepare a solid data model and algorithms. Few examples of technical questions:

  • How to define classes in different languages
  • Which data types we have
  • Advanced techniques of software architecture
Technical question Technical question

How the results look like

You can access candidates’ results as soon as they have finished the coding test.

Each candidate receives an overall score, which helps to quickly compare results from a pool of applicants. You’ll also get to see a detailed analysis of candidates’ coding skills in each of the programming languages selected.

Coding test results are automatically generated into a report. You can use reports to share with others on your team, identify the best candidate and have a base for further questioning in a direct interview.

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EliteBrains™ Candidate Invitations

EliteBrains™ coding tests are ready to go as soon as you have selected your required programming languages and seniority level.

Inside the platform dashboard, you will be able to invite candidates to the coding test via email. Invite as many candidates as you wish. The candidate receives your invitation and can take the test immediately.

Unlike other coding test platforms, EliteBrains™ coding tests are useful for candidates as well as the hiring team. Each candidate learns exactly the areas they need to work on and can use the EliteBrains™ platform to level up their skills and receive qualifications they can use in future job applications.

EliteBrains™ Pricing

The EliteBrains™ platform was designed by developers for developers. Over 90% of our users are senior software engineers, VPs of software and CTOs. We understand that tech teams hire developers in waves or once every few months. Unfortunately, few coding test platforms make this easy.

EliteBrains™ is the only coding test platform with a pay-per-candidate model.

Instead of charging annual lock-ins so you pay for the months when you’re not even hiring, with EliteBrains™ you pay per candidate invitation. You buy one credit for one candidate invitation at a fixed price of $14.90. Each credit is valid for 12 months and you can send unlimited tests to a single candidate once they’re invited at no extra cost.

1 credit = 1 invitation = $14.90

Create as many tests variation as you wish.
Pay only for candidate invitation.

  • Unlimited tests
  • Unlimited technologies
  • Unlimited users
  • Credit validity 12 months


After creating your custom coding test, all you need to do is enter a candidate’s email address and an invite link will be sent instantly.

You can invite as many candidates as you like to your custom-built EliteBrains™ coding test.

Once a candidate has accepted the invitation, you can send them as many coding tests to complete as you require.

EliteBrains™ is the only coding test platform with a pay-per-candidate model.

With other coding test platforms you pay for an annual product lock-in period. Or you pay for a package including bulky add-ons. This creates an unfortunate situation where you pay for coding tests during months where you’re not even hiring – or you pay for features you never use.

EliteBrains™ is completely different.

On our coding test platform, you pay per candidate invitation. One candidate means one invitation which means one payment of $14.90. You can create unlimited number of tests and if you send the invitation to just 3 candidates, you spend only 3 credits.

Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

If you want to invite more candidates to your coding tests, you will only ever pay per candidate invitation.

No, we do not charge a subscription or recurring fee.

If you choose to pay $14.90 for a candidate invitation, your card will only be charged once. You will not be charged again until you choose to invite more candidates.

We do not offer refunds for EliteBrains™ coding tests.

Instead, you will be able to create your first EliteBrains™ coding test and invite up to three candidates for free. This lets you test-run the coding test platform and confirm it fulfills your requirements.

If you want to invite more than three candidates you will then only pay $14.90 per candidate.

Yes, you can get an invoice for all EliteBrains™ coding test payments.