Czech Republic

Software Development in the Czech Republic

Population: 10,5 million

Developers: 100,000

Universities: 70+

GDP total: $262 billion (36th)

GDP per capita: $25,000 (37th)

Language: Czech

Alphabet: Latin

Time Zone: UTC +1


This small country also called “the heart of Europe” is the homeland to hockey player Jaromir Jagr, skier and snowboarder Ester Ledecka, or President Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump.




The Czech Republic is now the most advanced economy from the former Eastern Bloc countries. With its economic a political stability, cultural compatibility, and security, Czech Republic is a popular site for offshore outsourcing. Czech developers are fairly affordable, with junior level rates starting under $20 USD/hour and the majority of mid-level and senior developers still only asking between $20-$50/hour. Despite the in-country demand for more developers, many Czech freelance engineers turn to foreign companies in hope of a higher income.

Technical education in the Czech Republic has a strong position and around a third of university graduates have a technical degree. There are approximately 75,000 technical university students and around 13,000 technical and scientific program graduates each year. Over 60% of Czech developers have graduated from college, the rest either did not finish their college education, only has a high school diploma, or no IT related education at all.


At the moment, the largest chunk of Czech software engineers, almost 40%, focus on mobile development, reflecting the trend of growing popularity and demand for mobile app developers.


English is becoming a part of everyday life of the Czechs, especially in larger cities, since the country is highly popular with tourists, foreign freelancers, and digital nomads. All software developers speak English proficiently and the overall level of English spoken in the country is improving by the year.



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