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1 min read Author: Lucia Skala

[Code Tests Resources] How to read reports?

In this article, you will read about how to read reports.

What will you learn in this article:

  • how to read the report
  • results by area
  • results by technology

How to read the report?

After the candidate finishes the test, you receive a notification via email informing you about the total points they got as well as the link into the detailed report. Each report is divided into several parts: points the candidate got for each area and points for technology.

General overview

In the general overview you can see how many points did the candidate get per each technology as well as per each area.

Results by technology

If you scroll down you can see the detailed report which is showing you how many points did the candidate get for each area in each technology. This should help you understand what the strong parts of the candidate are and where he should get better.