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Araya Masami Senior NFT/Solidity Developer

Araya Masami

  • Canada
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Hello, my name is Araya, an Experienced Blockchain Developer professional with strong leadership and relationship-building skills. The best feeling in the world is waking up in the morning with new money in your bank account that was made while you were sleeping. Web Apps can get you there! I'm developing blockchain solutions since 2017. Including the crypto exchanges (P2P and CEX), blockchain forks, tokens creation (ERC-20, ERC-721 NFT), smart contracts, Defi, and Ethereum mass payment tools with low gas consumption. I have strong knowledge and much experience in developing NFTs collection sites, NFT Marketplace, and much more. During 4 years in this emerging field, I became a technical expert with a strong understanding of the business goals of my clients. I have experience building solutions upon existing blockchains and developing decentralized platforms from scratch. I can help you with writing smart contracts (ICO - ERC20 Token, dApps) on the Ethereum platform, automated testing, deploying, and upgrading them, and integrating with your backend and frontend code. I've worked on Cryptocurrency API like web3, and Smart Contracts development using solidity, developed DApps, decentralized application publishing their data, and interacting with the blockchain. Being a Blockchain Developer, I keep a strict eye on pixel perfection for UI/UX design, and I am very results-oriented. Mostly though, having a professional manage your online presence means more time for you to focus on the business's direction! Thanks.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Blockchain Developer

Upwork 02/2021 - 10/2021


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blockchain Developer

CrucialLogics 05/2018 - 02/2021

-Developed and audited the smart contracts for token and NFT creation.
-Developed dApp along with building the frontend and integrating by web3.js.
-Built Cryptocurrency Exchange/Trading system, Defi.
-Custom fintech software.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Full-stack Developer

Purely CRM 07/2016 - 02/2017

-Built from scratch admin platform for managing platform's database entities and users using React, Node.js, and Mongoose.
-Built a number of React-based front-end projects with React trending technologies such as React hooks, HOCs, lazy loading, and more.
-Migrated Gatsby and GraphQL for improving the page load speed, serverside rendering, and code splitting.
-Worked in the Angular 5 project to build the person-to-person marketplace.
-Developed the frontend part of blockchain dApps and integrated using web3.js.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Frontend Developer

Cordeos Group 06/2015 - 04/2016

• Managed development milestones from initial steps through final delivery.

• Improved and designed monitoring systems to address issues with system stability and quality of data.

Location: Chiyoda, Japan

Educations and Certifications

Waseda University

Information Technology 2011 - 2015

Bachelor's degree

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