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Ali Heidari Software engineer & Back end Developer

Ali Heidari

  • Iran
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Innovative backend developer with more than six years of experience in designing, developing, enhancing, and maintaining different systems consisting of mobile and web clients powered by microservices servers with relational and no-SQL databases. Strong knowledge and experience of OOP, REST API, Design patterns, MVCand clean code, microservices architectures, unit tests, Object Oriented Programming, and git. Strong skills Problem solving, very innovative, Implemented a smart and Autonomous microservice platform as a member of the 15 person team. Architect of API Gateway service with millions of requests per day. Interested in Node.js, C#, .Net CORE, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, software architecture, analyzing data, API designs, Communication protocols, and translating system requirements into the design and development of customized systems in an agile environment. I'd love to Support, mentor, and help team members grow, building an inclusive team environment where everyone can deliver their best work I'd love to work as a software developer with Node.js, C#, .Net CORE, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, MongoDB, Webservices, Cloud Platform (Google Cloud, Azure, IBM, AWS), Docker, Java, and Redis, GRPC. Good knowledge of solving concurrency problems, Unit Testing/Integration Testing, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Elastic search, GraphQL, angular, google API, push notification, Gradle, YAML, JSON, JSON Schema, npm, ci/cd, GitLab, GitHub, GPRS, AVL Devices, protocols, and SignalR. Worked independently to specify, plan, design, develop, test, and support software components as assigned. Helped design solutions that are enterprise scalable and maintainable. Worked closely with Front-End Developers to expose API services via RESTful services and WebSockets. Strong communication skills in English.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Back End Developer - Node.js, JavaScript, architect, and designer

Part Software Group 05/2020 - present

• Architected microservice platform as a member of 15 person team to build an automatic environment which decreased 100% of manual maintenance operations. • Designed, coded, developed, enhanced, and maintained API Gateway service as a NodeJs developer which monitored passing traffic and filtered 100% of malicious requests. • Trained, coached, and mentored more than 30 students in Part College to discover talented developers.

Location: Mashhad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Full Stack developer - Nodejs using TypeScript, Front end using Angular6

chapyar 06/2020 - 11/2020

• Completed one platform to access different image providers with TypeScript, Node, and Angular established easier photo search for designers.

Location: Mashhad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Co-Founder & Full Stack Developer - Backend with Java and Android app using Java 03/2020 - 06/2020

• Analyzed sounds using an engine written in Java that operated as a songs finder through more than 6000 Iranian music achieved fast and accurate algorithm. • Produced an android application featuring a custom sound visualizer acquired a solution to sync animated waves and melody enhanced accuracy up to 90%. • Executed ElasticSearch with services based on HTTP, Rest API along with JSON reduced ram usage to 30%.

Full Stack Engineer - .Net Core, C#, Angular6 - TypeScript, and Android development using Java

Mana Company 09/2018 - 10/2019

• Constructed task manager web application improved collaboration of 3 teams with different tech stacks including Angular, TypeScript, .Net Core, and SQL Server caused boosting up development. • Headed, coordinated, and orchestrated the team of the Logo-Maker project, succeeded in launching the product with RTL and LTR languages.

Location: Mashhad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Co-Founder & Full stack developer - .Net, C#, Android with Java 09/2018 - 04/2019

• Improved an advanced algorithm, for an online service to connect one shop to all nearby customers, caused optimized, and speeded up the process. • Accomplished constructing 2 Android apps for customers and shops, enabled supermarkets to become online. • Designed more than 5 services using C#, .Net framework, SignalR, and SQL Server provided a secure, fast, and developable marketplace for online shopping systems. • Achieved test-driven development by Implementing microservices and decreasing dependency bugs to zero.

Android Developer - Android with Java

tcco-ir 05/2017 - 05/2018

• Programmed an android application for the burglar alarm device, used to control more than 10 devices from a distance. • Coded, and produced an android application to monitor and control AVL devices, increased sales.

Location: Mashhad County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Web Developer & Android Developer - ASP.NET, C#, Android using Java

Tarahan Samane Eideh Pooya 02/2014 - 01/2017

• Collaborated with a team that redesigned ERP software as a web app using ASP.Net and .Net framework increased clients. • Developed a system for monitoring AVL and handheld devices with GPS. Simplified tracking cars, trucks, and cell phones and expanded market potentials.

Location: Khorasan-e Razavi Province, Iran

Senior Web Application Developer - .Net and C#

Omid Rayaneh Belgheis 03/2016 - 07/2016

Making Website and managing web development department.

Location: Khorasan-e Shomali Province, Iran

Android Developer - Java

Capno 04/2015 - 09/2015

Making Android applications for compnay!

Location: Khorasan-e Shomali Province, Iran

Software Programmer - .Net with C#

Resaco 03/2015 - 07/2015

Developing company softwares and add features or debug them!

Location: Khorasan-e Shomali Province, Iran

Educations and Certifications

Islamic Azad University

Civil Engineering 2013 - 2017

Bachelor's degree



Native or bilingual




Professional working
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