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Mohammadreza Hassanpour Senior full-stack developer (Python, JavaScript, TypeScript,React,Django)

Mohammadreza Hassanpour

  • Iran
  • 2 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I was born on Friday 06.02.1987. After completing my high school education, I immediately entered college for an associate degree in computer software. I applied to the university to continue my studies so I started to become a developer afterward. I’ve been married for eleven years and have a seven years old son. My wife is a head nurse in a hospital. Now I decided to immigrate to Germany for a new and exciting journey both in life and career with my family.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Python Developer

Freelance Jan 2015 - Sep 2021

Javascript Developer

Freelance Jan 2015 - Sep 2021

Full-stack Developer

Freelance Dec 2018 - Present

Writing commercial nurses shift assignments: (ongoing project)
Assigning shifts to nurses of a section takes a lot of time of head nurses
like my wife so I started this project. It can manage shifts of nurses of
any ward automatically and will use parameters like experience and
rating of nurses for the best result in any shift cycle.
A big and complex project that will have authorization and access level
with a Firebase notification system for the participating party.

It’s a mission, resource, and crew management system made exclusively
for EPS (Electronic Payam System). Backend with Python-Django,
Database made with MongoDB, and front-end made with React.
Public Library:
A SPA made with Django back-end and react front-end. It has the ability
to manage books of the library and has a custom authentication system
for user management. It's still a work in progress and the next update
will have a notification system.

A SPA made with Django back-end and react front-end. It was about
managing courses, teachers, and students of an academy. It doesn’t
have any authorization system. Nor any other future.

An art gallery website made with in this website users were able
to sign up and upload their artwork and photographs and sell them

A desktop application made with virtual basic. It will lock the system
before the Windows XP login screen using windows services. It had two
passwords, one for normal unlock, another one was as an emergency. If
the user was entering an emergency password it means he or she was
forced to open the system, so it was deleting all defined data files and
folders in the setting.

HTML Developer

Freelance Jan 2015 - Sep 2021

CSS Technician

Freelance Jan 2015 - Sep 2021

Educations and Certifications


Computer's Software Engineering 4 Years


Central Office for Foreign Education (Germany) -
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