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James T. Frontend developer

James T.

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  • 6 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I am a British front end developer with six years professional experience, currently living and working in Copenhagen. I enjoy being creative with technology and finding simple solutions for complex problems, writing code which is clean, maintainable and easy to read. My robust understanding of UI and UX combined with diverse professional experience has enabled me to execute many successful projects to a high visual standard, adding value to the clients online presence. 

Throughout my career, I have applied my development and design skills to a broad variety of projects for an equally diverse range of clients. Most of this experience has taken place in digital agencies but I have also gained considerable experience working in the agile- environments of tech companies.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences


3D Printer interface (2018)

I worked with international printer company XAAR to create the touchscreen interface for one of their industrial 3D printers. The interface is used by operators to load new print jobs get an overview of current build status, as well as accessing various analytics data and performing an array of maintenance tasks such as reloading materials, cleaning components, etc. The setup was housed within a touchscreen which ran on Chromium OS and connected to the printer via a websockets api. 


• Designing and implementing various components based on user journeys
• Communicating with other project members and contributing to important UX and technical decisions
• Organising the code in a flexible way for other developers to maintain

Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond

Report website (2018)

I worked with Umwelt - one of Denmark’s most acclaimed advertisement agencies - as the primary developer on DFF’s yearly report site. The site features interviews, statistics and articles on the companies successes over the previous year. I contributed to the high-level of polish which helped to portray the organisation as sophisticated and modern. I made sure my code was clean and welldocumented in order for other developers at Umwelt to continue maintaining and expanding it.


• Designing and implementing undesigned assets such as scroll transitions, page transitions, responsive version etc 
• Communicating valuable suggestions for technical and aesthetic improvements to the site 
• Organising the code in a clean and documented way for other developers to maintain

Is It A Bird

Company website (2017)

I was the sole front end developer on the website of a Danish marketing agency called Is It A Bird. IIAB wanted to present themselves as an innovative, exciting and fun agency. Working closely with the design team, I created the polish to achieve that (in the form of interaction design, animations, etc). As a result, the site won numerous awards from reputable organisations such as FWA and CSS Awards, and Is It A Bird are able to communicate their values to the world. 


• Integrating the site with Laravel and Backpack 
• Designing and implementing tasteful ui/ux niceties based on my understanding of the clients needs 
• Making site fully responsive and scaleable

Ted Baker

Shoppable video (2016)

I built the front end for an interactive video commercial for Ted Baker. The video is one of many I worked on whilst at WIREWAX. The video consists of moving tags which are anchored to projects in the video and can be clicked in to reveal more information or purchase those items. The tags were added in an extensive MEAN-stack online video editor which I also helped to build. 


• Integrating with WIREWAX’s custom API
• Ensuring quality levels met the globally recognised brand’s standards
• Contributing to daily standup meetings

Freelance frontend Developer

JamThom · 2017 - Present

Since autumn of 2017 I have been working as a freelance developer. Thus far I have worked on a variety of projects, helping businesses of various types and sizes and sizes achieve the results they need on time and on budget.

Frontend Developer

Signify · 2016 - 2017

A digital creative agency in the heart of Copenhagen. The agency produces a full range of digital products, including video production, photography. I worked on multiple projects in a young, energetic and dynamic environment alongside developers, designers and project management on many digital products. The projects I worked on fell into two categories: Small-scale single page applications and larger scale websites. 

Key responsibilities: 

• Collaboration with designers to ensure optimum quality 
• Learning to use technologies such as Vue, Laravel and Webpack 
• Debugging and maintaining other developers code

Creative developer

WIREWAX · 2016 - 2017

An innovative and well funded technology start-up who have used machine-learning technology to develop an online platform for interactive videos. Working alongside a small but highly skilled team of mid-to-senior level developers, I helped build and design the front of house site, online video editor software and bespoke interactive videos for premium clients as well as expanding the functionality of their RESTful api. As is typical of technology start-up’s, all employees are expected to be versatile, committed and cover a broad field of work. 

Key responsibilities:

• Maintaining and expanding the functionality of the video editor studio app 
• Creating conceptual designs for the video editing studio 
• Working in an agile environment and contributing to daily standup meetings

Frontend developer

LONO Creative · 2013 - 2015

A Digital creative agency who specialise in interactive info graphics and data-vis, based in the Shoreditch - east London. Whilst at LONO I completed work for many well known brands including the BBC, Shiseido, Box, Cambridge University Press and Universal. I successfully offered my input to the direction of each of the projects I worked on from the kickoff stage and contributed to technical and design decisions throughout development. I worked with the dev-team using a wide range of technologies and tools from which I gained deeper technical and communicative understanding of how to deliver projects successfully. 

Key responsibilities:

• Working on a broad range of products from HTML emails to advanced web applications 
• Creating data visualisation using Snap, D3 and Angu

Web designer & front end developer

GSO / FROOT · 2011 - 2013

A web design agency who specialise in creating websites for schools and colleges around the UK, as well as London-based SME’s. Throughout my time at GSO, I worked on over 100 websites as both a developer and designer. I began working on a part-time basis whilst studying at the University of Ravensbourne and was subsequently offered a full-time position upon completion of my degree. 

Key responsibilities: 

• Converting designs to code and integrating them into a custom built CMS 
• Designing to client briefs using Sketch and Illustrator 
• Building fully responsive websites using SASS, semantic HTML5 and jQuery

Educations and Certifications

BA Hons Class Web Production and Management

Ravensbourne, London - 09/2010 - 06/2013

The worlds first course to be tailored specifically for people wishing to seek work in tech startups. The format of the course was highly collaborative and gently emulated the kind of agile structure which has become the staple of tech startups across the globe. The course was taught at Ravensbourne; London’s most forward-thinking digital media university and host venue to Mozilla’s annual Mozfest event. 

Core features: 

• One-on-one coding tuition 
• Prototyping conceptual startup enterprises and digital products 
• A bespoke learning experience allowing students to discover and focus on their areas of strength


Driving licence



English (Native)
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