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Piotr S. Salesforce Developer

Piotr S.

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  • Hungary
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Salesforce Developer

Mindtree 05.2021-Till now

Development of apex code. Big project for retail company which included both Lightning Web Components and Aura Components. Big team of 50+ Salesforce Developers and Architects. ● Lightning Web Components

● Aura Components

● Triggers

● Integrations with other system

Salesforce Developer

ExxonMobil 01.2019- 09.2021

Development of apex code. During this period were creating Apex triggers, Visualforce pages, maintaining reports and writing documentation. Technologies involved:

● Apex

● Aura Components

● Salesforce Configuration

● Salesforce Lightning Edition

● Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Developer

Orsted 10.2018-12.2018

Development of apex code. During this period were creating Apex triggers, Visualforce pages, maintaining reports and writing documentation. Technologies involved:

● Apex

● Visualforce

● Selenium

● Java

● Salesforce Lightning Edition

● Marketing & Service Cloud configuration

Salesforce Backend Developer

Accenture 09.2017- 10.2018

Designed and implemented automations related to User Access Management in Salesforce Systems. Daily duties related to writing automation scripts which automatizes User Access Management in Salesforce system which were earlier designed and proposed to the management. Technologies involved:

● Salesforce Rest api

● Custom Salesforce Applications

● Selenium

● Java

● Salesforce Lighting Edition

● Apex

● Salesforce Commerce Cloud Those technologies were used to extend standard Salesforce integration tools as Identity

Connect to perform more sophisticated type of automations. Main automation features involved:

● Adding roles, permission sets to the users

● Modifications of profiles (knowledge user check, marketing cloud check)

● Removing of accesses.

● Adding country-related parameters (territories) Automations were designed to read role assignments from SAP online tool and grant, modify or remove access from users in Salesforce or Salesforce Cloud systems (Demandware). For the requests which were processed automation tool were automatically reading and closing tickets in Sevice-now application.

Business & Technology Delivery Analyst

Accenture 08.2017- 09.2017

Position related to supervision of Salesforce system and first line troubleshooting. Troubleshooting were involving:

● Common problems with client communities

● Problems with reports and dashboars.

● Problems with accesses/ lack of accesses

● Problems with custom apps

● Troubleshooting and analysis of apex code.

● Helping market representatives to troubleshoot any other common Salesforce problems

Java Course Attendan

Software Development Academy 08.2016- 02.2017

Programming course focused around Java programming language. Technologies involved:



● JavaScript

● JQuery


● Java 8SE

● Java 7EE

● Postgres databases

● Maven

● Hibernate 5

● Spring 4 (Core, Data, MVC)


HCL, Kraków, Poland. 06.2015- 08.2017


● Resolving problems with MS Office package, Windows, Internet Explorer and other browsers. Troubleshooting problems with websites, accesses

. ● Management of Active Directory, resolution of common access issues.

● Troubleshooting of systems: Lotus Notes, Salesforce.

● Contact with clients in French and English

● Cooperation with local IT departments and providers

Junior Analyst

Capgemini, Kraków, Poland. 06.2013-01.2014


● Supervision of server’s system. First line Helpdesk problem verification.

● Contact in French and English with technicians in France and India by thephone and e-mail.

Stard-up founder

Garaż Snów, Kraków, Poland 03.2012- 02.2013

● Organisation of „Garaż Snów Festiwal” event.
● Promotion of the festival and its sponsors
● Presentation of the offer to the clients.
● Providing market research to the clients (questionnaires and Facebook
● Building relationships with clients
● Gaining 3000 fans of the festival on Facebook (
garazsnow) and 20 000 views of the festival of the site
● Attracting 450 people to see the final concert of the festival.
● Organising 7 festivals in 2 cities 

Educations and Certifications

Magister (Mgr), Ekonomia

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie 2009 - 2015

Magister (Mgr), Ekonomia

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie 2009 - 2015

Activities and societies: Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Mar 2018 · No Expiration Date
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