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David Z. Full-stack Developer

David Z.

  • Idaho, United States
  • 9 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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David is a Full-stack Developer with tech background in industry including FinTech, Education, Medical & Healthcare, E-commerce, Blockchain and Real Estate.
He focuses on Full-stack Web Development and Mobile App Development, whereas he has been usually involved in project design, architect as well as other stages of the software development process. 

Core skills:
 Gatsby.js / Next.js
 NodeJs / PM2
 Express.js / Koa.js
 Mongodb / Redis / MySQL / PostgreSQL
 Async generator flow / async / await / promises
 Git / Github / BitBucket
 Agile / Scrum
 React / React Native / Redux
 Typescript / Angular
 Vue.js / Vuex
 Material UI / Semantic / Bootstrap / Bulma
 Dart / Flutter
 Apollo / GraphQL, TypeORM
 AWS Serverless programming & Architect
 Python: Django / Flask
 PyUnit / Jest / Mocha Unit testing
 Project Management and Operation Management
 Planning, Process and Change Management


Gatsby projects:


Shopify projects:

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences


Freelancing, 2012~

 Front-end Development(React, Angular, Vue.js)
 Static Site Development and Server Side Rendering (Gatsby.js, Next.js ),,

 Cross-platform App Development(Flutter/Dart, React Native)
 E-commerce specialist (Shopify, WooCommerce)
 CMS(Wordpress, Webflow, Drupal, Strapi, Contentful)
 Web Scraping & Automation (Python Selenium, puppeteer, beautiful soup, scrapy)
 Strong back-end engineering ( Python Django/Flask, Node.js, Ruby on Rails )
 Database architect ( MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB )


Hexa Technologies LLC, Utah, January 2012 – Present

 Node.js/Python development working with various blockchain daemons: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
 API development using Express.js, Koa.js and async/await library for readable and intuitive code.
 Server management of various blockchain node types: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Omni, etc.
 React / ReactNative / Redux, Typescript / Angular UI development of features including Chart.js, D3.js implementations of candlestick and market depth data.
 Built out custom unit testing frameworks and patterns using mocha to help ensure the protection of
production/staging environment databases.


MX in Utah, November 2015 – September 2017

 Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Django framework.
 Developed views and templates with Django’s view controller and templating language to create a user-friendly website interface
 Creating the automation scripts using Python framework for testing various applications as well as the integration of these applications (API’s & UI’s) based on REST calls using Selenium and Python, phrasing the JSON responses.


Podium in Utah, October 2012 –September 2014

 Designed, architected and wrote the front-end of our eCommerce application using ReactJS with 14,000 reusable components.
 Achieved a Lighthouse score of 100/100 on our frontend
 Researched and documented needs of 150 external partners and built an API abstraction layer for seamless integration without breaking
 Modernized our legacy Vendor management app originally built on Angular 2.0 to React.js
 Improved legacy front end by replacing it with ReactJS, Gatsby and Angular. Resulted into 50% faster loading times for our data heavy GIS application.
 Built CI/CD pipelines using BitBucket, Docker, Kubernetes and custom scripts - helping teams deploy more than 30 times in a day
 Optimized service layers, request queues and MongoDB data model to handle request load of 74,000-96,000/sec during flash sales

Educations and Certifications

Georgia State University

Bachelor of Computer Science, 2007 - 2011

Learning webpack 4

LinkedIn, 2020
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