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Othman A. Front-End-developer

Othman A.

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A Front End Engineer who focuses explicitly on coding the front-end (user interface) Of Mobile Apps and websites .design and develop Mobile Apps and web applications by using Modern technologies such as React Native and developing Web Apps with React JS and using any framework. Worked on creating Modern Mobile Apps and Web Apps using React Native/Reactjs.

Skills and experiences



  • Accomplishments
  • React.js Basics > 75%
  • React.js Advanced > 75%
  • React.js Expert > 75%

Skills and experiences

Full Stack Developer

MD Labs from 1/12/2022 till now

Working as full stack developer in Md Labs. Developing large-scale systems and platforms using Nest js, next js, PostgreSQL, and Non- SQL database

Converting Figma designs to pixel-perfect pages using ant design and tailwind CSS Creating endpoints and it is documentation with swagger
Managing platform performance

Stackpak (Devopzilla)

Front End developer part time 1/3/2023 to 1/5/2023

wokred as developer to help devopzilla team create layout and ui for thier open source devops tools which is created by devopzilla team -woking with svelte and svelte kit

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