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Nathan S. Front End Developer

Nathan S.

  • Arkansas
  • 1+ years
  • Freelance
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An enthusiastic, highly driven software engineer with over three years of coding experience using the following: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C#, C++, and SQL with other experience using Bootstrap, jQuery, and Git/GitHub. I have a demonstrated history of practicing standards, can be a reliable team player with excellent communication, and have a keen eye for detail.

Technical Skills:

  • Java - 3 years
  • C# - 2 years
  • C++ - 3 years
  • HTML5/CSS3 - 3 years
  • JavaScript - < 1 year
  • PHP - 2 years
  • SQL - 3 years
  • Git/GitHub - < 1 year
  • jQuery/Bootstrap - < 1 year


Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Front End Developer

Freelance December 2020 - present

I am a recent college graduate with no prior professional software development work experience. However, I do have over three years of coding experience with varying proficiency in the following: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (VanillaJs, ES5, ES6-ES2020), PHP, Java (Core Java & Java OOP), C#, C++, and SQL (MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite). I also have other experience using Bootstrap, jQuery, and Git/GitHub.

My primary coding skillset started with application development but recently I have focused more on web/front end development.

Database Management with MVC Framework

  • Utilized: PHP, XAMPP, SQLite, PhpStorm, HTML5/CSS3
  • Implemented the MVC Framework with PHP and an SQLite database to manage a Funko Pop collection.
  • Integrated an SQLite database enabling users to easily perform all CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations on the Funko Pops.
  • Incorporated persistent data storage to archive the Funko Pops and to seamlessly search for by name, type, or ID number.
  • Searches returning results have the option to be saved to an external file.
  • Webpage forms written in HTML with CSS styling for error handling and formatting.

Currency Converter

  • Utilized: Java, JavaFX, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Developed a JavaFX GUI forms application to process currency conversions.
  • Users can effortlessly convert between any amount of money in British Pounds (GBP) to other listed currencies all through a convenient graphical interface.
  • Added data validation functionality to ensure correct values are entered on the GUI form before processing conversions

Resistances for Complex Circuits

  • Utilized: Java, IntelliJ IDEA, C++, Visual Studio
  • Created an application to calculate the resistance of any complex circuit combination in two different programming languages.
  • Modeled two circuit models (series, parallel) through an inheritance hierarchy to create an elegant solution offering default functionality for sub/derived classes and providing a template for future specific classes with minimal and reusable code.
  • Written first in Java, then reworked in C++

Educations and Certifications

Zero To Mastery Academy

Diploma of Education: Computer Programming 2020 - present

NorthWest Arkansas Community College

Computer Information Systems 2020
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