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Andrew W. Blockchain | NFT | Defi | Backend Developer

Andrew W.

  • Australia
  • 4 years
  • I will decide later
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Hello, I am a talented Software Engineer who enjoys solving complex problems and writing clean code. I also love creating new and interesting things with technology that people want to use. Also, as someone who has lived all over the world I am passionate about the internet and its ability to allow you to access any content or person across the globe.
It's been more than 10 years for me to write backend code and build scalable and highly available infrastructure.
When I first landed on AWS technologies, it was amazing even just to use S3 and EC2. Then I started my movement deep into their services and I'm now so addicted to build a lot on top AWS in serverless, microservice and other distributed architectures.
It's not a surprise that Blockchain is all the rage these days but it was not easy to catch eyes on Blockchain back in 2016 and I was one of them who started their journey on Blockchain in the early days.
I started to look into articles, books, conferences and found it had a great potential, then I jumped into the sea of the Blockchain.I spend free time to walk dogs, play video games and talk to my friends. I'm always passionate to take adventures and solve complex problems, feel free to contact me when you have projects and problems to solve.
- Smart contract/Blockchain
- Defi/NFT
- Microservice/Serverless
- Amazon Web Service
- Data engineering
- Hashicorp(Terraform, Nomad, Vault, Consul)
- Ansible
- Postgresql, Mysql, SQLite
- Mongodb, Dynamodb, Cassandra
- Redshift/AWS Athena
Programming Languages
- Solidity
- Rust
- Node.js
- Python
- Java [I'm not good at java, but just want to add here ;)]
- Typescript
- Javascript
- HCL(2)
- Express.js, Serverless, Django, Ether, Web3, React.js
- Django, Flask
- Apache spark, Hive

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Blockchain Developer

ZenLedger Jan 2021 - Nov 2021


Developed accounting software on top of cryptocurrency

Back End Developer

Bitbean Oct 2015 - Dec 2020

* Built scalable and highly available backend solutions using Node.js, Docker, Serverless and various architectural designs.
* Developed backend on top of blockchain(Ethereum) for one big client.
* Improved container architecture and management through the use of scripts.

Back End Developer

Jadu Jul 2012 - Sep 2015

* Developed enterprise backend to encourage better event streaming
* Developed a RESTful API for reservation and event tracking.

Software Engineer Intern

Jadu Feb 2012 - Jun 2012

Educations and Certifications

Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Computer Science

The University of Western Australia Apr 2007 - Jun 2011
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