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Raúl G. Golang Developer

Raúl G.

  • Chile
  • 3+ years
  • Freelance
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I love working with Golang. I use technologies like Kubernetes, gRPC (so also Protocol Buffers), and PostgreSQL. I use Docker, Git, and Linux all the time. I do Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions.

I'm also interested in learning and working with Kafka, Redis, Elasticsearch, ArgoCD, and even a little bit on the frontend with Next.js (React) or Nuxt.js (Vue). I'm passionate about programming, so I'm continuously learning new things very fast and then applying them.

I strive to make the software the best, feasible way, including following best practices. I'm pragmatic but also a perfectionist whenever that makes sense.

I'm highly focused and self-motivated to learn and to achieve objectives. I have owned a few relatively successful, very small businesses where I did everything, from the software development to the marketing campaigns. I learned and applied a lot of different concepts and technologies on the fly.

  • Golang
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • gRPC
  • Kubernetes
  • Git


Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Golang Developer

Freelance 2018 - present


Project 2020 - 2021

An unofficial login server for Dofus Retro — an online tactical RPG video game.

  • Made with security in mind
  • Horizontally scalable, for distributed systems
  • Correct on concurrency, including graceful shutdown
  • Automatically containerized in a Docker image with GitHub Actions, for CI/CD
  • Uses my other projects, retroproto for the communication between client and server, and retropg for its PostgreSQL database


Project 2020 - 2021

A reverse proxy for login and game servers of Dofus Retro.

  • Secure, horizontally scalable, correct on concurrency, and automatically containerized in a Docker image
  • Running as a Deployment on my Kubernetes cluster


Project 2020 - 2021

A library that implements the network protocol of Dofus Retro, for the communication between client and server. It defines the id and structure of the protocol messages and it provides functionality for their serialization and deserialization.

Owner/Software Developer

Carta Isapre Abogados May 2018 - August 2019

A legal group I created with 3 lawyers to help Chilean people solve legal cases related to health insurance companies.

  • I acquired 180 recurrent paying customers through Google Ads and Facebook Ads with a ROI of more than 300%.
  • I developed a simple backend in JavaScript running in the cloud, and also the frontend with Vue.

Owner/Software Developer

Dofus Alive May 2017 - May 2018

A private, unofficial server of Dofus 1 (a version that's older than Dofus Retro).

  • I acquired more than 1,500 paying customers, totaling 3,000+ sales.
  • I achieved a CTR of 6.46%, a Conversion Rate of 11.95%, and a ROI of ~1,200% with my main marketing campaign on Facebook Ads.
  • I got my business idea validated by more than 200 potential customers who responded to my survey through Google Forms, then many of them became paying customers from my email campaign on MailChimp.
  • I modified the server (written in Java) and the MySQL database to meet the business' requirements.
  • I wrote an updater for the client, in Python.
  • I was running the backend on a Linux virtual machine but then I migrated the server as a Deployment and the database as a StatefulSet on my Kubernetes cluster.

Educations and Certifications


2018 - Current

I've been focused on becoming proficient in Go and its ecosystem.

I've learned and been practicing:

  • Concurrency and horizontal scalability
  • Best practices for software development and idiomatic code
  • PostgreSQL
  • Protocol Buffers and gRPC
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • GNU/Linux
  • Practical cryptography, including libraries and GnuPG
  • Git, workflow automation and CI/CD
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