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Saman K. Fullstack developer

Saman K.

  • $35/hour
  • Iran
  • 6 years
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My name is Saman Khademi. I'm a 32-year old web developer and software engineer from Tehran, Iran
My expertise and interest lie in front-end technologies, including HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript (as well as frameworks like React, Angular Js, VUE, jQuery, MooTools). My server-side skills revolve around Python, NodeJs, and PHP. I enjoy dabbling in mobile development and edge devices and environments.

My philosophy on learning to use web technologies is always the same: experiment, fail, fix, fail again, fix again. Reading books will only get you so far -- you should spend time with your debugger, experimenting away with whichever technology you need to learn. Always keep an open mind, use tools you wouldn't usually use, and never give up.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Full Stack Developer

Asan Pardakht Sep 2021 - Present

Asan Pardakht is an Enterprise Level Payment Platform in Iran that has the ability to transfer money, NFC pay, Service bill, Insurance, Charge and many payment tools.

  • I have developed parts of backend payment, PWA, Back office, prepared documents and handling automation tests.
  • I have developed part of the Backend & Frontend, Back office and website and prepared documents for a new payment Platform in Turkey to manage wallet, peer to peer money transfer and NFC pay.

Technologies: Python (Django), React (CRA, Next), Golang, Postgres, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Kubernetes

Full Stack Developer Jan 2021 - Oct 2021
  • I have led the Front-End team of 12 people for a platform called “The RiskeMan” which is a self-assessment software of COVID-19  commissioned by the Ministry of Health.


Technologies: Golang, Laravel, Node(Nest), VUE(Nuxt), Mongo, Nginx, Redis

Full Stack Developer

AvidAdvice Nov 2017 - Jul 2021

AvidAdvice is a platform in the USA that provides psychological services to users through voice, video and chat.

  • I have developed the main website, back office..

Technologies: Java (SpringBoot), Node (Express), React(SSR), Antd, Nginx

Full Stack Developer

Huawei Huawei Aug 2017 - Sep 2020
  • I was responsible for the devops team and developing web design.
  • I was engaged in a set of other essential roles such as participating in system design, document preparation, scheduling, and system tests.
  • The main focus of our team was to develop and maintain telecommunication-related enterprise-level software systems mostly based on an open-api platform that offers wide-range of services for customers or internal staff in different departments.

Technologies: Java(SpringBoot), Python, React(SSR) ,Antd, Nginx, TomCat, Jenkins, Redis

Senior Web Developer

Rayan Eghtesad Novin Nov 2015 - Aug 2017

Developing payment-based banking software based on open-API & GRPC for Core Banking systems, Internet banks, and mobile banks.

  • I was the technical manager for developing part of the mobile banking application based on React Native and it’s back office.
  • I have also prepared some technical & deployment documents and collaborated on some EN Bank projects such as MMS (mobile money transfer), RasaNovin (Push Notification) and MiCard (online gift cards).
  • Technologies: Java EE, PHP(CI), React(CSR), PolymerJs

UI & UX developer

Golestan Jul 2015 - Nov 2015

WebDeveloper & UI Desunger

Tarhenovin May 2014 - Jul 2015

Develop and Design Websites

Web Developer , UI Designer

Eligasht Jan 2012 - May 2014

Web Developer , UI Designer

Asr e shabake Institute Jan 2009 - Sep 2013

UI Designer , Technical Department

Lamerdsystem Sep 2006 - Oct 2012

Educations and Certifications

Azad Pardis University

BS Degree In Software Engineering Sep 2009 - Jan 2013

Danesh Rayaneh

Diploma in Web July 2005
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