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Jakub B. Machine learning engineer

Jakub B.

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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  • Senior AI architect specializing in graph algorithms, NLP, GNN, probabilistic graphical models, causal inference as well as blockchain dApps
  • I am very interested in venture capital and investing in startups for which I am developing my own analytical tool that extracts insights from news articles
  • I have experience with developing a technological & business strategy as well as OKRs for startups as well as corporates
  • I love measuring performance in hard to analyze domains. I was a CTO of 11Hacks which finds football talent in the haystack of hundreds of thousands of players
  • I have more than two dozens of projects under my belt including chatbots, text generation, word embeddings based apps, predictive ML, web portals, mobile apps or graph database APIs

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences


Trask solutions Oct 2016 – May 2018

• Technologies:

  • Java and Javascript
  • Angular, Node.js, Express, Spring, JSP, Bootstrap, JavaFX, Python
  • MySQL, Sequelize
  • Google Analytics
  • Bot framework, QnAMaker, Table storage, Azure AD, GoodAI Chatbot, Graph API
  • Ethereum Blockchain, Solidity, Truffle

• Projects:

  • Codebook management system RDS in Java and Angular
  • Preapproved loans lending system Impresto in Angular
  • Blockchain demo project for connected car data management
  • Several chatbots in Bot framework and Node.js, using MSFT Graph API


LearnerOn Jul 2020 - present

Educational content search engine and sharing platform

• Activities:

  • Ideating and helping define overall startup strategy and UX
  • Helping define OKRs
  • Helping define database model and ontology structure
  • Defining AI and application architecture, high-level algorithms
  • Preparing for the switch to graph database and utilizing graph algorithms on top of Neo4j
  • Productionization of research code
  • Authority for GraphQL architecture
  • Writing NLP and Graphs python and cypher code

• Algorithms:

  • Tagger based on parts of speech and text rank
  • Content difficulty level inference
  • Language translator using mBART
  • Recommender based on user activity embeddings scaled by activity type and amount
  • Collaborative filtering based on user's skills, background, and activity
  • Newsfeed based on content popularity, similar users' activity

• Technologies:

  • Python, Transformers, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas, FAISS
  • Neo4j, Graph data science library
  • GraphQL, Graphene, Django, React, Apollo


TechAnalyzer Jan 2021 – present

Tool for researching startup investments and emerging technologies

• Techniques:

  • Tagging startups by their description
  • Extracting NER (money amounts, people, companies)
  • Extracting sentences that provide the key information about the technological progress

• Technologies:

  • Python, Spacy, PyTextRank
  • PyTorch, Transformers, BERT


Česko.Digital Nov 2020 – present

Projects for a non-profit organization developing civic service technology

• Project "Start teaching":

  • Defining the overall project and UX strategy
  • Defining the application and AI architecture
  • Defining roles and hiring
  • Planning and assigning technical tasks
  • Code review
  • Tech stack is Python, Django, React, GraphQL, Apollo

• Project "Innovations in journalistic storytelling"

  • Advising on AI matters for all teams
  • Leading brainstorming workshops
  • Product ownership for project Audio news
  • Devising technological roadmap
  • Leading the recommendation engine efforts on top of Neo4j
  • Presenting on behalf of the team
  • Negotiating partnerships

• Project “Our politicians”

  • Topic generation for news articles about politicians


11Hacks Feb 2018 – Apr 2021

Football analytics platform for scouting players. Advanced models as similar players, player types clustering, player ELO, expected goals, and many more

• Activities:

  • Leading migration to Spark
  • Developing state of the art football metrics
  • Leading a team of full-stack developers and data scientists

• Technologies:

  • FE in Angular 7
  • BE in Python, SQLAlchemy, Flask
  • Data transformation in PySpark, Parquet, DataBricks, Scala
  • Models in Numpy, Scikit-learn, and Tensorflow
  • Visualizations in D3.js


Self-employed Aug 2014 – Jan 2021

• Projects:

  • Algo trading platform concept based on NLP analysis of financial reports and news articles
  • Chess engine using alpha-beta pruned minimax written in Cython
  • Own NER model by finetuning BERT
  • Generating quiz answer possibilities using GPT-2
  • Document similarity using BERT embeddings
  • API creating n-gram “topics” from articles about politicians to provide overview of the news (project “Our politicians” by Cesko Digital)
  • NLP stealth project analyzing sentiment analysis about particular qualities of a product
  • App recognizing difficult foreign language vocabulary from book/text - hackathon project
  • A platform for information extraction in Kotlin
  • Chatbot for a virtual financial institution using GATE framework
  • Chatbot intent recognition using FastText
  • Cosine similarity-based recommendation in SQL
  • Writing ETL SQL scripts, creating dashboards
  • Refactoring current warehouse for 8 e-shops in E-Commerce Holding

• Frameworks

  • FAISS, Solr, WordNet, FastText, GATE, Morphodita, Spacy
  • Cheerio, Beautiful Soup, NLTK, TextBlob, Tensorflow, Keras
  • Keboola, GoodData, Qlikview
  • Kotlin


Self-employed Aug 2014 – Jan 2021

• Projects:

  • React Native mobile app for NGO Rekonstrukce statu
  • Strategy for organization making Prague an AI superhub - case competition
  • Sample selection from population algorithm for sociology research
  • Typo correction tool for large questionnaire evaluation
  • eGovernment project for Czech Ministry of the Interior in Java, MyBatis, Angular
  • Frontend lead at key digitalization project in a traditional Czech bank
  • Fintech startup website in React with server-side rendering using next.js
  • Reverse engineering clipboard of Google slides to auto-generate a chart from data
  • IT Strategy for the city of Prague prepared for municipal elections
  • Mobile platform for discovering a city by local stories
  • Digital agency website in Angular
  • P2P lending project process analysis
  • Browser plugin MindBrella for analyzing Facebook profiles, pages and groups for disinformation content
  • Sales gamification mobile app in Ionic for parcel logistics company
  • System for publishing public contract offerings for the state in Java

• Technologies

  • Angular, React, Python, Java, Go, C++, Node.js, Swift, Express, Bootstrap, Flask, Django, Spring, Next.js
  • React Native, Apollo, GraphQL, Ionic
  • MongoDB, Firebase, MySQL, Sequelize, Mongoose, PyMongo, Neo4j


Self-employed Mar 2016 – Jan 2021

• Projects

  • Defining product and UX strategy from big Czech retailer's online sales mobile app
  • Football analytics platform for scouting talent
  • Dating platform merging Reddit, Tinder, and Facebook
  • Food ordering apps focused on sharing the delivery cost and optimizing delivery routes
  • Discussion platform optimized for public policy issues
  • City exploration app showing custom found stories about buildings and places


Readence Sep 2018 – Jan 2021

• Browser extension creating a foreign language textbook out of any text website. Personalized choice of sentences to be translated based on
your level. Automatically created vocabulary with the context where you saw the word. Complex vocabulary enrichment based on synonyms and topics.

• Technologies

  • Angular, Python, Ionic
  • Chrome and Firefox extension
  • Recommendation engine
  • Spacy
  • Various Dictionaries and Corpuses


Knowframe Jul 2019 – Jan 2021

• Online scientific and political discussion/inquiry forum employing facebook level algorithms to order content according to quality, relevance, and interest.
• Organized by the inherent structure of wisdom - problems, solutions, and arguments. Plus facts are arranged in knowledge graphs.

• Technologies

  • Angular, Apollo, Python, Flask, Graphene, Neo4j

Educations and Certifications

Copenhagen Business School

IT Management

2011 - 2012

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Bachelor's Degree - Production of film, TV and new media

2006 - 2009

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