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Faisal Ahsan Mr

Faisal Ahsan

  • 7 years
  • Part-time (less than 40 hrs a week)
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I have been working as a full-stack developer for the past more than 7+ years and have got hands-on experience with
both the front-end and back-end technologies including some dabbling around the mobile technologies. I have delivered
solutions in several domains over the past few years including Healthcare, Finance, Education, Business Management etc
and have experience working in Agile environments. I am a fast learner who is not bound by what he knows and always
loves to experiment and try new things. I always try to make a positive impact in the organizations I work at, both from a
technical and interpersonal perspective. I also have experience with two STARTUPS .

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Full Stack Engineer

Educations and Certifications

BS - Software Engineer

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