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Rodrick Nfinyoh M. Backend and DevOps Engineer

Rodrick Nfinyoh M.

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  • Cameroon
  • 6 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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DevOps Engineer with 6+ years of experience working with software development. Skilled in Node.js, JavaScript, BitBucket, Git, Typescript, Redux, React, MongoDB, and ReactiveX. A self-motivated, self-taught individual. Have a good hold of the AWS Cloud platform.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Platform Engineering, DevOps

2 years

Managing a team of excellent engineers to Architecting, Integrate, and Deploying Infrastructure, Automating where ever possible.
• Developing a Roadmap for years of activities targeting Security, Self-service, Cost Optimization, and Automation.
• Worked with AWS, GCP Cloud service.
• Used of GitOps (ArgoCD, Ansible), CI/CD (GitLab, CircleCI, Github Actions), IaC, and DevOps (Terraform) tools to automate Infrastructure.
• Scripting extensive pipelines in Python, and Go.
• Writing python scripts to automate recurrent tasks.
• Deploying and managing Kubernetes Clusters (EKS, GKE).
• Setup and maintain Cluster Services like istio, with certmanager for SSL Certs.
• Monitoring and Infrastructure wide Metrics with Prometheus and Grafana, and ElasticSearch.
• Designed a process to Increase IP addresses on EKS Cluster subnets.
• Updated a 2 year old infrastructure and create a new environment.
• Designed and implement a process to Automate EKS (Kubernetes) Node.js patching.

General continual Platform support and Engineering on multiple consultancy Projects. Avoided downtime on the services, improving the level of automation, to enable a self-service culture and pave a way for releasing even features faster. Accomplished a great impact on the client base, as fixes to bugs and new features can be tested and shipped in a fraction of the previous times.

Backend and DevOps Engineer

1 year, 4 months


• Simpli-Till is a Point of Sales Platform (Mobile and Web)
• As the main backend engineer onboard, I had to design and implement the client-server.
• Designed backend alongside its infrastructure
• Implement the designed backend with Node.JS (TypeScript, ExpressJS)
• Used Tsoa for generating Open API documentation.
• Tsoa leverages Typescript types to generate the documentation.
• Used Jest and Supertest for unit and Integration tests.
• Designed an authentication system with security in mind.
• Used JWT tokens for access and refreshes tokens.
• Refreshed tokens are used for refreshing access tokens.
• Designed a notification system capable of sending app-wide notifications via SMS, email (with attachments generated from handlebars templates), and push.
• This system is used app-wide for sending various notifications like
sales receipts, password resets requests emails.
- PDFs are Generated by a puppeteer Instance running within a Kubernetes cluster, scaled horizontally to manage the higher traffic.
• Managed the backend infrastructure used in serving the application.
• It is an EC2 instance, within we use Phusion Passenger, together with Nginx to serve the backend.
• Developed pipelines to deploy the application from a git repository, making cuts on time to deliver DevOps CI/CD.
• Implemented a metrics module that handles the generation of metrics on sales, product, and stock data which is sent to the app for visualizations on graphs, and charts.
• Tech stack used was Javascript Framework,Node.js and DevOps.
• Using python to write out recurrent maintenance Jobs (DB Backup)

Successfully delivered the project and it was much appreciated by the client. The SimpliTill application is available on Google Play Store for downloads.

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