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Denis S. CTO

Denis S.

  • Barcelona
  • 12 years
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8+ years of experience leading technology teams and developing innovative products. Build mobile and web apps from early days to scaling to millions of users, generating millions in revenue. Defined technical and product strategy, built and led high-performing engineering teams to achieve this success.

I’m passionate about tackling complex technical challenges and growth-hacking.

I am eager to connect with like-minded professionals and explore new opportunities to make a lasting impact in the world of technology, marketing, and AI.


Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Co-Founder, Chief Architect

Inkitt May 2022 - May 2024

As Chief Architect at Inkitt, I drove the architectural design and technical strategy across engineering teams, ensuring the platform's scalability to support continuous growth. In addition to this, I’ve helped to bridge the gap between marketing and engineering and led some of the core company projects, including:

  • Development of a web version of the Galatea app optimized for SEO and marketing. A big focus was achieving a 95+ score on Google Page Speed and reliability of 99.95%, to unlock new areas of user acquisition for the Marketing team. Within 6 months, we achieved 30% of total revenue coming from the web platform, resulting in significant savings on commissions to Google and Apple.
  • Development of an in-house marketing analytics platform, providing the Marketing team with accurate data close to real-time, allowing them to react quickly to the changes in campaign performance and uncovering new growth opportunities. The tool was instrumental for the marketing team to continue scaling efforts effectively.

Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer

Inkitt January 2021 - May 2022

As Chief Growth Officer at Inkitt, I played a key role in driving strategic marketing initiatives during the Series B fundraising process, driving consistent 20% month-over-month revenue growth, resulting in successfully closing a $59M round. I led a dedicated UA team, continuously scaling UA campaigns across a diverse range of channels and optimizing for revenue growth. Working closely with the Engineering, Product, and Content teams, I ensured alignment and maximized long-term growth opportunities while addressing short-term objectives. I also executed some of the top company objectives, including:

  • Diversifying paid channels and exploring non-traditional UA avenues, successfully reducing reliance on Facebook. This strategy lowered Facebook's contribution in revenue Growth from nearly 100% to just 50-60% of total revenue and helped to achieve more stability over Facebook CPI fluctuations.
  • Implementing innovative user acquisition tactics post-iOS 14.5, including the highly successful Web-2-App funnel, which became the biggest revenue driver (over 60% of total revenue) while most of our competitors faced acquisition challenges.
  • Stack: Adjust, Singular,, GA, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, Tiktok, Snapchat, SEO, ASO tools, automations

Co-Founder, CTO

Inkitt August 2015 - January 2021

As Technical Co-Founder and CTO of Inkitt, I was the first developer and built early versions of the product single-handed, including the initial book assessment algorithm based on user behavior, which led to successfully closing the seed round of 1.1M$ led by Speedinvest. Later, I’ve build engineering organization from the ground up to 15 distributed engineers, fostering a culture of rapid iteration and achieving close to 100% employee retention:

  • Led the development of the core products from the technical side, and played a key role in product decisions and roadmap from the early days. This resulted in building several products collectively used by over 8 million users, generating a $60 million annual run rate.
  • Directed architecture design and technology stack selection, balancing development speed with the company's long-term objectives, ensuring scalability and adaptability of the platform, which contributed to the continuous success in fundraising efforts
  • Stack: AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Serverless, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Redshift, Go Lang, Node JS, Typescript, Firebase, Cloudflare, GoLang

Senior Backend Developer

Flocktory May 2013 - August 2015

Flocktory is a MarTech platform focusing on driving sales through automation, personalisation and customer loyalty.

I joined the company as a second developer helping build the core product from the early days. I was working closely with the founders on creation of the core product, and supporting onboarding first big customers to the platform. I had a significant contribution to the 3 core products that led to the company becoming profitable and scaling the team to around 60 employees in a course of 2 years. Projects that I worked on included:

  • Build internal analytics system starting from events collection to aggregating them in the OLAP system, allowing stakeholders to quickly view data from different angles
  • Build a system for invoices and billing, that included complicated rules specific for every client.
  • Stack: AWS, Docker, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, Closure, Postgres, Vertica

Educations and Certifications

Master's degree, Mathematics and Computer Science

Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) Sep 2006 - Jul 2011
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