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What is the EliteBrains tracker

The EliteBrains tracker follows the activities of your developer by collecting data from Github, Jira, G Suite, Toggl, Paymo and other softwares. This way, you can easily watch what your developer was working on on a certain day, week, or month.

Team overview

See the overview of all your team members. Easily track which part of their work they is efficient and which not.

Detailed insight

You can examine every data source in detail. One of the best places to watch you developer’s work is their activity in the code repository.


The EliteBrains tracker is an ideal solution for:

  • tech startups
  • software houses/agencies
  • software developement teams
$19 USD / month / tracked user

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Vojtech Zahorsky

Vojtech Zahorsky CEO - EliteBrains

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