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Sadan M. Software engineer with React.js and RoR

Sadan M.

  • 45
  • Tallinn Metropolitan Area
  • 10 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I am an experienced developer with over 10 years of experience in developing full-stack web applications since early 2007 via Rails, Phoenix and countless third-party libraries in Ruby and Elixir. I have worked with all versions of Rails released so far starting from Rails 1.5 to Rails 5. Previously I have also worked as an Upwork Premium Service Provider offering services to Upwork clients in Ruby on Rails, Elixir & Go programming.

I am a passionate software engineer and agile practitioner who likes to solve hard problems and develop high-quality software that adds a little something to people's lives and looks great while doing so.

I have created concurrent and scalable backends for web and mobile platforms that are being used by millions of users every day. As an experienced software architect, I write code which is well designed, easy to understand, maintainable and extendable in the future.

My core competency lies in creating applications (web/mobile) for :

- ERP systems
- Healthcare Appointment Scheduling Systems.
- Advertising platforms
- Banking systems
- E-learning Platforms
- Social networks
- Meta-Data distribution platforms


Web: Elixir, Pheonix, Ruby on Rails, Go , React, Angular JS
Database: MySql, Postgresql , Sqlite , MongoDB, Redis
Testing: Rspec, ExUnit, Cucumber, Capybara, Supertest, PhantomJS, Mocha & Chai

A few client friendly practices I apply to all my clients:

- I am extremely communicative and likes to have regular Skype sessions and calls.

- I like answering questions related to product, technologies and other things you have in mind.

- I would be happy to sign an NDA before we kick off any work on the project.

- My working hours are flexible. I can be available at a time that suits you.

- You will have access to the source code all the time.

- All work product, source code and other things related to project belongs to you only.

- I can work with programmers (in-house or remote ) in the team

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Lead Engineer

Apptimum Labs Apr 2012 - Present

Upwork logo Elixir/ Erlang Developer

Upwork Dec 2013 - Present

I  am part of the Odesk Premium Service Providers.

I am among the three Ruby on Rails Developer chosen by oDesk after rigours screening process to be offered to Silicon Valley Startups to work for them remotely as part of the oDesk Premium Services offered to them.

Lead Architect

Mastercard Foundation Nov 2016 - Dec 2021

- Designed and Implemented Microservices in Elixir, Python and Ruby to yield desired functionality on
data obtained from the database as JSON objects through REST controllers.
Integrated and configured the Eureka server to establish communication across multiple microservices
through feign client.
- Improved project code quality in accordance with SonarQube standards by rectifying over 800 bugs,
vulnerabilities, and code smells.
- Gained substantive experience of working in an Agile environment (SCRUM calls, Sprint tasks).
- Gathered and specified the project requirements using a user-centric approach.
- Designed the system architecture in accordance with the skillsets of the team:
(Figma -> teleportHQ -> VueJS -> Vuex composition api -> firestore data converter -> firestore DB).
- Formulated data models to infuse functionality as desired by the client’s business logic
- Mapped JavaScript objects to firebase using firestore data converter.
- Designed & implemented the application controller layer to handle database requests, consume
DOMs, and render dynamic content using Vuex composition API.
- Analyzed to ensure that the UI/UX design meets the established standards & recommended
- HCI design standards as well as Apple & Google UI guidelines.
- Conducted heuristics evaluation, usability testing, and human centered design methodology
- Development process followed an agile, scrum, approach with weekly objectives & fortnightly sprints
on JIRA.

Senior Elixir Developer

Lhotse Analytic Mar 2021 - Aug 2021

Site Reliability Engineer and Sr Architect responsible for implementing scalable solutions

Senior Software Engineer Nov 2014 - Oct 2016

-  As Backend Chapter Lead: Ruby/Elixir, GraphQL, SQL, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, KMS, SQS),

- As React developer working with Redux.

Ruby on Rails Developer

Zesty Sep 2012 - Nov 2013

Ruby on Rails Developer

Continuity Control Jan 2012 - Nov 2012
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