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Marco M. Software Engineer Node.js, React and PHP/Symfony.

Marco M.

  • Slovenia
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I am interested in mid and long time roles, I work as a contractor. I am a passionate Software Engineer experienced in Python, Node.js, React and PHP/Symfony. I am an open source enthusiast, constantly improving my knowledge and skills. I love what I do and I like to share my knowledge. I am a big supporter of clean code with focus on developing highly maintainable and extensible applications. I am interested in Agile development, XP methods, Design Patterns, DDD, BDD, TDD and general Best Practices. I am looking for a role in a company that values Agile and modern methodologies and best practices, and where I can keep growing my expertise.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Software Engineer

Lendable 10/2020 - present

A medium-sized fintech specialising in consumer lending, I joined at an important period of growth for Lendable as they were expanding their engineering division to support the release of new products to diversify their current offering. The focus of my role is the existing loans platform. • Maintain, extend and refactor elements of the existing monolithic loans platform that is built on PHP 7.4 and Symfony 4.4. This includes consumption and exposure of high-traffic and high availability APIs for both internal and external use, such as our React front-end, interacting with our credit team's prediction models, or third parties for quoting. • Thorough testing at functional, unit and integration level with PHPUnit, Behat and Wiremock. • Ensure code quality, readability and extensibility is kept as high as possible by following SOLID principles and PSR standards, but also using an array of tools such as PHPStan for static analysis, PHPMD for mess detection and CS Fixer for code style. • Other key technologies used, but not limited to: React.js, Microservices, DDD, TDD, Agile development, MySQL, AWS [SQS], Git, Jenkins, Docker

Software Engineer

A-Cube s.r.l. 01/2019 - 12/2020

Joining this startup after a short time it was born, A-Cube provided me with a multitude of challenges and opportunities to grow such as refactoring different parts of the monolithic application written in PHP/Symfony to Microservices written in Python and Nodejs and run in AWS Lambda and also building a custom version of sharding written on top of Doctrine. • Maintain, extend and refactor the core platform and API built on PHP 7.4, Symfony 5 and API Platform to expose APIs. • On the platform front end, React & Redux is used. • Build a custom sharding system over Doctrine. • Using Node.js to create back-end APIs. • Using Node.js and Python to microservices run on AWS Lambda, SAM. • Writing comprehensive tests for the PHP codebase using PHP Unit for unit, functional and integration tests, Jest for testing Javascript, and Pytest for testing python. • Peer reviewing colleagues' pull requests and having open discussion on code style and best practices. • Exposure to many other technologies for a variety of projects, such as (but not limited to) Docker, PHPSpec, Behat, Python, React.js, Node.js, AWS, AWS Lambda, Microservices, DDD, TDD, Agile development

Location: Remote

Full-stack Developer

ideato 01/2016 - 06/2019

A mid-sized web agency with many clients and interesting projects. My role as a full-stack developer focused on PHP, Javascript, Python, and Node.js. • Client Calcioinfinito Worked on Calciomercato ( Refactored the old application by porting it from Symfony 1 to Symfony 2.8 with PHP 5.3, adding unit, functional and integration testing. We added the new features with a TDD approach and used Agile methodologies throughout the project. Split parts of legacy code into microservices written in PHP, Python and Node.js and running on AWS. Improved the advertisements section (GoogleAds and other providers) on the whole frontend and implemented Header Bidding with Prebid.js Created a front end application based on React & Redux for internal use by Sports Journalists to publish articles, media and gallery. Worked on a new application ilBianconero ( Built a Juventus team Newspaper based on Symfony 2.8, implemented using TDD and Agile development. Refactored an old community application Vivoperlei ( Refactored a Symfony 2 application with CQRS+ES, TDD, Agile development. The application features a prize game with a draw for the first 3 weekly winners, to implement this application we used a CQRS+ES approach with the PHP framework named Broadway ( • Client Wishraiser ( Porting the application from wordpress to Symfony 4 with TDD and agile development • Exposure to many other technologies, such as (but not limited to) Docker, ElasticSearch, PHPUnit, Behat, Node.js, Python, AWS, CQRS+ES (Broadway

Location: Remote

Full-stack Developer

GoGoBus 11/2015 - 02/2016

During my time at GoGoBus the company went through many changes. • Implement new RESTful APIs endpoints and a new Suppliers Portal for the application built on PHP 5.3 and Symfony 2.6. • Exposure to many other technologies, such as PHPUnit, Behat,RabbitMQ

Location: Remote

Freelance Software Engineer

10/2009 - 11/2015

During this time I worked on several projects based on PHP, Symfony and Magento, Python, .NET

Location: Modena

Educations and Certifications

Academy of Modern Music in Modena

Music 2003 - 2008

Industrial Technical Institute I.T.I.S. "F. Corni" Modena - Italy

Computer Science 1993 - 1998

High school Degree as Head technician



Native or bilingual


Limited working


Professional working
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