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Hsien-Hsiu L. Software Engineer

Hsien-Hsiu L.

  • United States
  • 2 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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My college internship with IBM led me into a career in the IT world. I was exposed to C\C++\assembly programming in college and it was always something that interested me. I’ve recently used online resources to learn modern full stack web development including React.js and Node.js. I have also been interested in blockchain technology and completed ConsenSys Academy's blockchain course where the final project was to create a decentralized web application on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity smart contracts.
Open to remote work. BSEE from University of Texas at Austin.
Currently learning Rust to build on the Solana and NEAR blockchains.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Blockchain Developer

Self-employed May 2020 - Present

NFT app
The app allows an NFT to be displayed in a web browser
NodeJS backend deployed to heroku
Solidity Smart contract provides the url of the metadata of the NFT when requested
React frontend deployed as docker container to AWS Fargate

dashboard showing Compound APYs with COMP token rewards for the DAI, USDC and USDT tokens

NFT Marketplace

REST API to interact with a DeFi protocol, built with Node.js

Blockchain Developer

Personal Software Engineering Projects Oct 2018 - Feb 2019 · 5 mos

Built decentralized application using JavaScript/HTML/CSS as the front end with web3.js and smart contracts written in Solidity deployed on an Ethereum test network on the back end. Using the truffle framework, tests are written using JS promises for unit testing, and contracts also compiled and migrated using truffle. Transactions are signed using MetaMask. The app admin can add band managers who can then add songs to the storefront. Visitors to the site can make purchases, using Ethereum.

Build Engineer

IBM Feb 2001 - Jul 2001 · 6 mos

Run scripts to build AIX development code and report errors
Area builder for the AIX OS Development group for release AIX 5L
• Used AIX Developer’s environment to build latest AIX code and catch syntax errors in the code
• Used CMVC database for defects tracking
• Shell scripting to facilitate tasks within job (ex. updating web page, running multiple commands to setup sandbox in build environment)
• OS kernel patch builds and RSPC patch builds
Responsible for automating the processes and procedures for building software from source code to running code

Lotus Notes Pipeline Database Administrator

IBM Nov 2000 - Feb 2001 · 4 mos

• Granted and administered access for new and current Pipeline users, maintained database records, used Lotus Notes views to generate reports.
• Collaborated with managers in creating a Lotus Notes database using Lotus Designer to facilitate the process of searching through resumes, setting up interviews for potential candidates, and evaluating the candidates.
• Created navigator to allow end user to select what view of resumes they would like to see
• Created fields on resumes that would allow managers to decide how to categorize the resumes (ex. not interested, setup interview, make offer)
• Created form with fields and checkboxes to evaluate candidates and then mail to appropriate people
• Setup ACL levels for the different types of users that will be accessing the database

Educations and Certifications

Bachelor of Science - BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin 1994 - 1999


    • courses: Intro to Music in World Cultures
      Digital Systems Engineering
      EE 319K Microprocessor Programming
      Network Theory
      Elements of Music
      EE 345L Microprocessor Applications and Org
      Data Structures in C++

Blockchain Developer certification, Computer Software Engineering

ConsenSys Academy Oct 2018 - Feb 2019

Grade: 99.3% scoreGrade: 99.3% score

  • Activities and societies: Built decentralized web3 application for the final projectActivities and societies: Built decentralized web3 application for the final project

    • "The Developer Program is an end-to-end Ethereum course, designed to provide experienced developers with the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Ethereum developers. This online course will cover foundational Ethereum concepts, introducing key tools, security best practices, and other aspects of smart contract and dApp development including building a front end."

      Module 1: Review of Blockchain Technology
      Distributed Ledgers
      Consensus Mechanisms
      Mining in Ethereum
      Public and Private Blockchains
      Distributed Ledger Platforms

      Module 2: Blockchain Primitives
      Cryptographic Hash Functions
      Public Key Cryptography
      Merkle Trees
      Blockchain Structure
      Smart Contracts
      Blockchain Forks

      Module 3: Ethereum Basics
      Gas and Fees
      Ethereum Structure

      Module 4: Traditional and Decentralized Application Development
      Development Environment Setup Options
      Key Developer Tools
      Exploring the Ethereum Blockchain
      Geth Proof of Authority Tutorial

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