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Nicolas M. Senior Software Developer

Nicolas M.

  • Brazil
  • 5+ years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Nicolas is a Senior Web and Mobile Developer specialized in Wordpress, PHP, React and React Native. He has also an experience with technologies such HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, GraphQL, TypeScript or Angular.js.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Senior Web Developer, Jan 2020 - present
  • #PHP
  • #React
  • #Ionic
  • #Android


  • Development, maintenance and planning of React Native hybrid projects with TypeScript
  • Structuring of project management and End To End (E2E) testing processes
  • Native modules development for bridges between Android and React Native
  • Responsible for the design and architecture of a dynamic mapping service which rendered thousands of points of interest in Google Maps and Here Maps (using native bridges) in React Native which allowed for selection of custom filters and drawing areas of interest on the map
    • improvement of he performance of this app by clustering the points of interest and helping to reduce the size of the responses coming from the backend
  • Implementation of Google Firebase solutions such as Firestore, Analytics, Crashlytics, Storage, Authentication, A/B testing, In-App Messaging, Cloud Messaging and others in React Native
  • Redesigning of Ionic 1 projects in React Native
  • Maintenance of legacy Ionic 1 projects

Software Developer

CWI Software, May 2018 - Apr 2019
  • #PHP
  • #React


  • Development of native mobile apps using the React Native framework
  • Implementation e-commerce sales techniques such as color psychology, urgency and scarcity
  • Implementation of loading, advanced filtering and ordering in the product search pages
  • Creation of React Native animated library, which improved the user experience without compromising the performance of the app
  • Daily work with the agile methodology for the management and planning of software projects
  • Active speech on the planning and retrospective meetings

Web and Mobile Developer

Cion Agency, Jun 2017 - Sep 2017
  • #SQL
  • #HTML


  •  Only person handling this project, responsible for planning, developing and maintaining all of the client’s projects in the company that were mainly blogs and e-commerce websites
  • Development of company’s website with advanced CSS3 animations that generated a great impact on the user’s first experience with the company
  • Teaching designers to use Figma to develop prototypes with animations to show the clients a better and faster preview of the project
  • UI/UX focused animation development
  • Maintenance and development of CodeIgniter based e-commerce platforms
  • Project structuring from the SQL database to the frontend

Web and Mobile Developer

  • #Angular.js


  • Websites, e-commerce and mobile apps development
  • Only person handling this project, planning, developing and maintaining four big projects from scratch by the age of sixteen
  • Using AngularJS to reuse the codebase to develop Ionic hybrid mobile apps later on
  • Development of several responsive websites with intuitive admin interface

Educations and Certifications

Desenvolvedor Java Web

Informatize, 2013

Desenvolvedor Java Avancado

Informatize, 2012
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