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Nicollas C. Senior Software Full-Stack Engineer

Nicollas C.

  • Brazil
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Javascript Lover. Tests enthusiast. Skills: JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, React, Next.js, Gabsty, React Native, Expo.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Senior Software Engineering

Beachbody 03/2021 - 11/2021

- Working on a new Web Application for over 2,5M users - I am part of a huge squad composed of over 25 people for the same feature - Daily stand-ups, Grooming, Parking Lot, Unit/Integration tests, Code Reviews, and Pull Requests are extremely commons over my day - Technologies in use: NextJS (a ReactJS framework), Typescript, Styled Components, StoryBook, GraphQL, Unit/Integration tests using React Testing Library and Enzyme (100% test coverage) - Fulltime Job - React - NextJS - Typescript - Jest - Enzyme - Styled Components - React Hooks - Apollo Client - GraphQL - React Testing Library - Agile Method - Scrum REMOTE JOB

Location: Santa Monica, California, United States

Senior Software Engineer

#BeApp 03/2020 - 03/2021

Responsible for improving and maintaining an entire live stream platform. - Implemented the feature that allows users to record current live streams and share it on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, and others. - Engineered new social logins including the most recent Apple login. - Developed a Lite version of the mobile app. - Refactored various microservices. - Delivered two very valuable features: i) new onboarding and live events screens; ii) v3 of live stream UI/UX. - Partime Job (~10hrs/week/async) - React - React Native - NodeJS - Micro services - AWS (EC2, S3, Lambda, Route53) - Redis - PostgresSQL - MongoDB - Docker - Kubernetes - NextJS - Typescript - Jest - Enzyme - Styled Components - React Hooks - Apollo Client - GraphQL - React Testing Library - Agile Method - Scrum

Location: New York, New York, United States

Senior Software Engineer

Growin 10/2019 - 10/2020

Senior Software Engineer - Consultant React Environment: React, React Native, NextJS, GraphQL Fullstack Environment: Node.js, Prisma, GraphQL, AWS (S3, EC2, Amplify, Lambda), Docker, ExpressJS

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Senior Software Engineer

Crowdform 09/2019 - 08/2020

Development of mobile app for Imabi Inc. at London, UK - Implemented real time london security events thirdy party API fetching - Implemented Unit/Integration test architeture & tests - Designed the mobile app architeture - Created the mobile app from scratch - Partime Job (~10hrs/week/async) - React Native - Microsoft CodePush - Fast lane - Java / Swift - Typescript - Jest - Enzyme - Styled Components - React Hooks - Apollo Client - GraphQL - React Testing Library - Agile Method - Scrum

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer

Energisa 09/2018 - 10/2019

I was part of a squad to develop Energisa S/A ( mobile app. Over 450,000 people now can: pay energy bill, report energy oscillation, search and keep track of invoices etc.

Location: São Paulo e Região, Brasil

Software Engineer

XDev Digital Solutions 12/2015 - 09/2018

- Smartsindico React Native developer working remotely and developing hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Tech stack in focus: React-Native, GraphQL, Apollo, NativeBase, Javascript, Redux. - Fiduc SA React Native developer. Tech stack: React Native, Lodash, Redux, NativeBase, GraphQL, Apollo. - AkiPet AkiPet was a Brazilian startup know to be a kind of TripAdvisor for PetLovers. Tech stack: React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS, Express, Typescript, Styled Components, Redux. - Motoboys de Plantão Motoboys de plantão is a full-stack platform similar to Uber, UberEats, Yetgo, iFood, Loggin. It provides delivery bikers for restaurants. Tech stack: - React.js (for admin panel) - React Native (iOS and android) - Native base - Semantic UI react - Styled components - Redux - REST architecture - Node.js + Express (Backend) - Docker - Amazon AWS (S3, EC2, Elastic beanstalk) The application today has more than 2,000 delivery bikers and 20 registered restaurants. - FoodsConnect Foods Connect is a general restaurant plaftorm management that connects many different restaurants on the same platform. Tech Stack: ReactJS, React Native, Redux, NodeJS, Express

Location: Brasil

Educations and Certifications

Faculdade Descomplica

IT 2021 - 2025

Bachelor’s Computer Engineering


IT 2019 - 2023

Bachelor’s Software Engineering

Merchant Navy Officers School - Brazilian Navy

Nautical Science 2010 - 2012

Bachelor's degree



Full professional
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