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Sandeep G. Senior Software Engineering

Sandeep G.

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  • India
  • 6+ years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I have been engineering tech products since more than 6 years as a professional full time experience as a Full Stack Developer. Working over many business domains such as Games, E-Commerce, Telecommunication, FinTech, Healthcare, Cloud Migration, and Insurance. I achieved good expertise in programming from design architecture to solution implementation. I am flexible to implement the solution in any language as per my experience. I developed a solutions using JAVA, Groovy, NodeJS, Python, PHP, ReactJS, AngularJS, JavaScript, PostgreSql, Kafka, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Neo4j, Linux, DSA and have expertise in agile and TDD.



Skills and experiences



  • Accomplishments
  • Java Basics > 75%
  • Java Advanced > 75%
  • Java Expert > 75%


  • Accomplishments
  • Javascript Basics > 75%
  • Javascript Advanced > 75%
  • Javascript Expert > 75%

Skills and experiences

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed REST for healthcare product for batch processing of health data and edit it. Data Clean.

  • Developed backend service for utilized third party api with reactive non-blocking approach for

    memory optimization with Spring web flux.

  • Implemented Consumer and Producer for status update for side effect of long response time with Kafka.

Senior Member Of Technical Staff


Developed cloud migration ETL CodeScanner product for SQL parsing and create relationships of sql queries for DDLs and DMLs of Teradata, Netezza, Hive and Oracle using Groovy, JAVA, Neo4J. TDD development standard followed for utility. Used ETL tools Informatica and DataStage for creating ETL lineage. Create Utility service to pre-process bad sqls from client using regex and improve output rate of service to create lineages on Neo4j. Analysed lineage generated by data planner and improve output ratio from data planner.

Software Engineer


Developed features for shareholders in Proxy Exchange product with architecture change with JAVA, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA and REST API. Upgrade Voting Disclosure System architecture for maintain frontend on single repo by specifying all shareholders in single repo which represent voting data and implement new features like internationalisation, filtering data and admin panels with Angularjs, JAVA, Linux and NodeJS Deployable jar automation done with Jenkins. Solved issue by analysing production logs using Gray log, Splunk query.



Developed distributed solutions for Inventory Management Web based automation for telecommunication international SIM card product using C, JAVA, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, PostgreSQL. Developed Feature enhancement utility for invoice generator in wooCommerce based e-commerce Solutions using PHP, JQuery. Developed WordPress SMS Plugin to used by many e-commerce owners for shipping products and order real time messages. Debugged VoIP WEBRTC app for enhancement. Developed amazon scraping crawling tool for e-commerce websites.

Internet Design Zone


I developed children maths and programming app for IOS Android Game.


Software Engineer Intern


Internship I worked fulltime as an intern Created RESTful web services with Java JerseyJAXRS JavaScript jQuery ReactJS Ajax API design and development with JSON compatibility PostgreSQL database design connection and advanced querying

Educations and Certifications

Computer Engineering

4 year


Content Consumer

Built content management system, implimented LLD & HLD architecture design in Python/PHP, MongoDB, Docker, Solr, WP for Audio/Video/Blog/Books playlist deployed on Docker/Swagger and Apache Solr implementation for Search API and firebase for authentication protocol. It’s live as a SatsangApp with 10K+ downloads.

VS Code Plugin - Import Relative File Path

• Developed VSCode extension plugin for copy relative path for react.

ShortURL - Text base storage

• Built Short-URL service with data storage as a text file using Spring Boot.

Object Detection

Object detection using TensorFlow.js web form for uploading photo.

Inventory Management System

Developed Inventory Management app using REST webservices in JAVA, AngularJS and PostgreSQL, Jersey.
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