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Sai Monesh C. Senior Software developer

Sai Monesh C.

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Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in SpringBoot, Microservices , ROR , C#,Data Structures and Algorithms, Ember.js,SQL. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) focused in Computer Software Engineering from Anna University.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Software Engineer


SharePoint Manager Plus :
This system helps to manage SharePoint environment used by Administrators. It uses Java, C# and

tomcat to implement a RESTful API which is connected to by the front end which is a web application written using the EmberJS framework in JavaScript and HTML5.

  • Reports, Audits and Management of granular level dataset in SharePoint
  • Migration of sites between Sharepoint servers
  • Implementing data collection using Microsoft graph APIs.
  • Design and implementation for Granular Permissions and their metaData which increased customer growth by 20%.
  • Support for exposing Rest API endpoints for partners connectivity.
  • Implemented OAuth for exposing Endpoints
  • Proposed and Designed prototype for product Log management to reduce the log data size by 60%.
  • Redesigned flows for handling Authentications with Sharepoint servers
  • Implemented Design patterns to keep code maintainable, extensible and loosely coupled

Technologies used: Java8,.NET, PgSQL, EmberJS, elasticSearch, Redis, RESTful APIs and shell scripts, OAuth
IntegrationwithAD360 :
Integrating Sharepoint manager plus with AD360 using Rest APIs. Used for centralized product managements.

  • Providing support for integrating with other ManageEngine products Handling authentications from parent products
  • Support for centralized SSL, DBManagement and Log Forwarding Support for SSO

Technologies used: Java8, PgSQL, EmberJS, RESTful APIs ,batch scripting,Microservices

Senior Software Engineer



Working in SAAS based application known as yubiLoans. A fully-integrated platform that meets all debt requirements - from loan origination to disbursement and monitoring using modern technologies cloud technology's like ROR,ReactJS and AWS Technologies like

EC2,ECS,SQS,SNS,Kafka,NoSql Database like MongoDB.

WorkFlow and Reporting

Creating State based application for transaction between loans using open source framework

Flowable, Airflow, SuperSet using Java 17, maven, Kafka, MongoDB, Postgres.
Reports Listing Service:
Created an application that communicates with cloud storage services and fetches the reports filtered based on the user level .This application is developed using ReactiveJava,S3,Spring,ReactJs,WebFlux.

CLAMAV Service(ServerLess):
Setuping antivirus application using Cloud Services such as ElasticContainerRegistry(ECR),Lambda Fuctions,Triggers,EC2,S3,IAM,CloudWatch,Docker,Python,JS
DMS Service(Document Management Service) -> Yubi Drive:
I have been focused on developing a centralized storage solution for all services within Yubi, an organization. The goal of this project is to create a common storage-based application that acts as a centralized repository for storing data. To achieve this, I gained expertise in utilizing Teedy, an open- source local storage platform. Leveraging my knowledge of Java and Spring, I implemented robust and scalable features to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval. By successfully completing this project, I have contributed to streamlining data management processes and enhancing collaboration across various services within the Yubi organization.


Educations and Certifications

Bachelor of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering 4

Bachelor of Engineering -Computer Science - 7.4% CGPA

JUNE 2014 - JUNE 2018


  • Exam Cell Automation (C#,.Net,MYSQL,PHP)


Data Structures and Algorithm

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