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Rinat F. Senior React & PHP developer with Blockchain, AWS

Rinat F.

  • $44/hour
  • Moscow
  • 8 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Senior developer with 8+ years of enterprise(CRM/ERP), fintech(blockchain, crypto exchanges and trading)/education systems. I'm optimistic and easy-going person with good problem-solving and communication skills.

Stack: .NET/.Core, React/Angular/Vue, PHP(YII1-2 and Laravel). Sometimes I write parsers/scripts on Python/C++/wasm/asmjs. Know Docker/Terraform, sometimes I use them for process automation. Have a good experience in blockchain technologies(withdrawals/deposits/transactions/configurations).

Projects:,,,, / etc.

More about using technologies:

✔ backend:
1. C # (ASP.NET or .Core MVC / ASPX Pages / WinForms / WPF ). Web-desktop applications and services. WebAPI, webservices, data mining and data protection.
2. PHP, Yii 1/2, Laravel. .
3. Python/C++/asmjs/wasm/bash

✔ frontend
1. Javascript(Angular 1-6/React/Vue/Ext.js,vanilla), JQuery, D3.js/recharts/canvas and a bunch of other frameworks. Complex SPA apps with SSR/websockets/real-time updates. Also I have some experiense in webassembly(as example: building crypto web-miners from C++ sources of XMRIG or making some distributed calculations via webworkers)
2. Worked with Actionscript 3 / Flex (casino games).

✔ devops:
1. A lot of experience with docker, Azure Services and AWS, custom servers
2. PgSQL, MySQL, MSSql. Worked and know how to use Sphinx, ElasticSearch, Redis, Clickhouse, Grafana and etc.
3. Blockchain: ERC-20, BTC-like coins, wallets and nodes (deployment, configuration, making deposits and withdrawals). 

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Full stack developer

Santiment LLC | Jun 2019 - Present

ReactJS/Python developer, GraphQL, charts(svg+canvas)/UI/UX for fintech app / Signals for crypto coins, support of different metrics, feeds and dashboards.

It is a Bloomberg for crypto traders with very rich functionality for tracking financial movements.


Full stack PHP / React / Vue developer

Usedesk (part-time) | Sep 2018 - Mar 2020

React, Vue, vanillajs. PHP 5.6 - 7.2 (Laravel), MySQL. - new chat/widget for clients, support and development of existing instant messengers and widgets for CRM system, support for boxed solutions for various clients. Correction and rewriting of legacy code by OOP/SOLID principles.

Correction of existing bugs and development of a new CRM-system functionality and widgets (cobrausing, internal and external API of messengers, UI performance).

This system are used by various clients:,,, and etc, wherever you see a small circle with rich functionality in the bottom corner of the browser.

Full stack C#(.Net, .Core) / React developer

Studio Mobile (Las Vegas, Nevad) | Oct 2018 - May 2019

1. Development and support of projects on C #, React, Angular, PgSql, Azure / Amazon Web Services. Docker / Kubernetes

2.,,, - crypto payment exchanges and trading platforms for external customers. Development of the current and writing new features. Integration of new tokens, wallets, external API, customization of the trading, bots, CI of multiple exchanges.

Full stack .Net/Angular developer

Think Ministry | Jun 2017 - Nov 2018

ThinkMinistry had a very old portal(CRM-system (social network) for the system of American churches: making payments, organizing meetings / rallies / donations) with legacy web-forms and aspx-pages, database procedures and spagetti-like code. I rewrote it on Angular and modern .Net with specific requirements.
Stack: .Net/.Core/Angular/vanillajs/MSSql.

I worked with architecture of project(WebAPI), reusable UI components-building, caching, design of UI security(X/CSRF, xss, sql-injections and etc)
Now it is a modern social network for churches, redisigned and scalability.

Command on 2 developers, 1 QA and 1 PM. The whole team is remote, I am working as an individual entrepreneur(contractor) through an intermediary (Ambaha IT Solutions) with daily conferensions on native speakin(english).

Full stack, .NET / JS(Angular) / devops

Ambaha IT solutions | Oct 2016 - Jun 2018

Roles: lead developer / fullstack developer. Outsourcing, work in teams of 3-4 people, or one. Interviews and admission developers.
0. - CRM system for collecting and analyzing tickets: logging actions of employees, registering incidents and responding to them.
.Net MVC + Angular + WCF services

1. - sports betting aggregator / validator. High load, queues, parallel computing and processing sports betting coming from bookmakers from around the world. The web interface for building Boolean algebra in the human language, data synchronization through third-party APIs and the output of validation errors according to certain rules and behavioral patterns. A backend is a series of queued WCF services and REST services for processing incoming data.

2. Mobile application for lawyers, with a predictive model of trading, calculators, etc.

3. Implementation of the administrative portal / CRM payments service (moneymaking, mining). Reverse engineering C ++ / WASM / ASMJS crypto miners. Using .Core with SignalR / Angular 5 / PostgreSql / ClickHouse.

4. - Service (CRM) for managing traders. Angular / Vue + Laravel, devops (docker)

5. A number of small integration projects are a supporter of the API
Angular 1.6-4, Vue, C # (. Net), Cordova / ExtJs (mobile apps), AWS / Azure. PHP / Scala / Go

Lead, full stack. C # (. Core) / Php (Yii2)

Echelon960 | Dec 2016 - May 2018

Lead, full stack dev. Interviews and reviewing of developers.

0.,, - ERP / CRM-system for managing field staff (repair engineers), customer acquisition and processing, warehouse and store. Full stack developer and devops.

Stack: Yii2 and PHP 7, Go / Angular 1. 6-5 / Grafana (data analytics) / MariaDB as a DB / Centrifugo as a synchronization hub / Synology as an office server and a bunch of different services like Sphinx / ElasticSearch / monit and third-party APIs ( sms/calls, photo-video, time control of on-site engineers, etc.).

Result: development of the system and solving business problems. The best (according to clients) CRM in the Russian Federation for managing field employees and doing business.

1. - spare parts aggregator for boiler equipment. Crawler, microservices, processing offers suppliers. Search, admin and personal account of the supplier. Whoever didn’t develop stores and aggregators, he didn’t see life.

Stack: C # (. Core) + Angular 5 + MariaDb + Sphinx.

2. Scala / Go - microservices of various kinds, for solving internal company's goals.

Software Engineer, full stack developer

Polis24 | Sep 2015 - Oct 2016

Full stack, development of payment terminals (hardware) and UI, CRM
Stack: Javascript, Python / bash, ActionScript, Scala, C ++
0., - development of a custom UI / UX for the payment terminal (Actionscript, Python, C ++, bash, user and hardware interaction, - payment terminal for registration CTP policies, acceptance of payments, issuance of policies, etc.)

1. Development (JavaScript) of panels for technicians, operators, administrators with the accompanying output of financial transactions data in a convenient form.

2. Development of microservices for data processing servers coming from payment terminals (Scala).

Role: fullstack developer. Backend-frontend development, system and application development, system administration.

The result: a gaming / payment terminal, a backend (data processing) and front-end panels (websites) for internal and external business processes of the company.

Independent development and introduction of new modules, testing, administration, control over the work of designers and layout designers, problem solving for the work of projects. From bash to js, ​​from streaming video analysis (modprobe, opencv) and backups to building application business logic.

Educations and Certifications

Kazan State University

2012 - 2016 | Bachelor degree

Activities and Societies: I created a small student garage company to develop software and generally to solve a variety of tasks from customers. Basically - from the same students. The result: gathered talented and intelligent people who can solve complex tasks / projects on different language / technology stacks. Working with cryptographic modules, reverse engineering projects, creating any web/mobile apps.

Examples from
0. WiFi/SQL sniffer (proxy and MITM). Phishing (my speciality is 'Information Security')
1. A mobile application for a book store.
2. Systems of warehouse accounting (1C in C#).
3. Cryptography: mobile application for the calculation of elliptical curves, emulation of various cryptographic protocols.
4. Freelance Exchange for Internal Use (CRM, local upwork for usage in university).
5. Optimization of search routes, implementation of different types of search algorithms (bi / tri-grammes, Levenshtein, Huffman codes and other implementations of differrent algorithms that seemed interesting).
6. In the TCP / IP stack, UDP - have completed projects (chat rooms, multithreaded ws / ftp servers, self-written smart bridges Wi-Fi, parsing / crawling sites, self-written antiviruses (parsing PE files + steganography). Sometimes I tried to implement such algorithms as MD5, RSA, RC4, DES, 3-DES, SSL, TLS.
7. All this projects and others in my github

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