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Steven M. Senior MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, Node) developer with Machine learning background

Steven M.

  • Albany, California
  • 6 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Senior Web Developer specializing in both frontend and backend development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects such as MERN/MEAN/MEVN stacks, python frameworks(Django, Flask) and Laravel framework. Well versed in numerous programming languages including Python, JavaScript, Node, PHP, SQL/NoSQL and in Blockchain technical. Strong background in project, management and customer relations. Preferred the management of Cloud Platforms(AWS, GCP, AZURE). 🏆

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Web Developer

VINsyt 02/2019 - 08/2021

A powerful, innovative & cost-effective platform designed to enhance customer satisfaction and retention. ● Developed interfaces using JavaScript frameworks (React.js/Redux) for several web applications to fetch and graphically present required data from database. 
● Used HTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap for user interface development in addition. ● Developed restful api endpoints using a Express.js framework(node.js). ● Used Python scripts to update content in the database and manipulate files. ● Involved in building database Model, APIs, and Views utilizing Node technologies to build web based applications. ● Used Python library Beautiful Soup for web scrapping. ● Maintained program libraries, users' manuals and technical documentation. ● Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package. ● Hands-on experience in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits.

Senior Web Developer

Test Report 08/2018 - 12/2018

Test Report offers the consumer an overview and comparison of a wide range of products. ● Worked as a software developer involved in migrating legacy project into Angular based project using NGRX store management and RESTful APIs on backend. ● Built SPA using Vue.js/Vuex from the ground with vue-starter-kit ● Redesigned new responsive feature modules (e.g.: masonry layouts, navigations, alerts, modals) ● Consulted and documented UI best practices and code standards ● Designed and implemented RESTful service APIs to manage customer account lifecycle on development. ● Worked with modules like MongDB for database persistence using Node.js to interact with MongDB. ● Extensively used Git for version control and pushed the code to GitHub. ● Extensively used debugging tools - Chrome Dev tools to investigate issues & fix bugs. ● Integrated 3rd party APIs like Paypal, Stripe, and Twilio ● Worked on unit tests, integration tests and automation in many environments like development, staging and production. ● Deployed and managed the staging and production servers that hosted on AWS EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk. ● Integrated 3rd party APIs like Paypal, Stripe

Frontend Web Developer

Test Report 04/2017 - 08/2018

● Maintain, enhance and construct new web applications in a variety of languages and frameworks/libraries (JavaScript, Vue/Vuex, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, etc.) ● Collaborate with UI/UX designers, as well as Back End developers to accomplish company objectives. ● Apply expert knowledge of middle-ware technologies in independently designing and developing key services with a focus on continuous integration and delivery. ● Integrating data from REST services within a cohesive user interface. ● Developed front-end web pages with responsive. ● Worked with product owners, System Engineer. ● Handled all the client-side features including validations, slide show, and tab navigation etc. ● Developed in accordance with SOLID principles. ● Scheduled and coordinated system DEMO across various teams. ● Used PM tools like JIRA, Trello.

Back End Developer

Test Report 10/2016 - 06/2018

● Wrote RESTful APIs using Nodejs for backend development. ● Develop and support software including applications, database integration, interfaces, and new functionality enhancements. ● Coordinate cross-functionally to ensure project meets business objectives and compliance standards. ● Continuously refactor and optimize the system to improve the efficiency and quality of the development cycles ● Utilizing other platform’s APIs and open source utilities to create fully integrated solutions. ● Using GIT as a Version Control system and for code management. ● Wrote and maintained queries, functions, triggers. ● Developed in accordance with SOLID principles ● Actively mitigating complex system failures through automated resource reallocations. ● Creating statistical analysis tools for automated diagnosis of issues.

Test Engineer

Test Report 07/2017 - 11/2017

● Author and review of design specifications; develop, review and unit test code for single page web applications. ● Documenting and implementing test cases for cross-browser, cross-platform, and/or cross-device compatibility against inconsistencies and compliance to specified standards and functional requirements. ● Worked with product owners, System Engineer. ● Assisted in creating admin dashboard. ● Documented and wrote REST endpoints for admin page. ● Understanding inefficiencies in Data-Intensive Computing ● Designed demonstrative systems that implemented research ideas ● Presented research at conferences, collaborating with academics and companies.

Database Programmer

Test Report 11/2016 - 06/2017

In my time as Database Developer at test report, I have played a crucial role in the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of several key systems which have unified disparate datasets/applications. ● Analysis included importing, merging data from various sources and file types, extracted data using Nodejs, SQL queries. ● Developed a wrapper procedure in Node/SQL for various revenue analysis requirements. ● Designed database with product items from various sites. ● Applied cron for fetching and importing products from sources. ● Elasticsearch for quick search of items and mainly MySQL were applied.

Front and Backend developer

Invigilo Technologies 11/2015 - 09/2016

Provide powerful, real-time & actionable insights to enhance safety at construction sites. Smart AI algorithms analyze video feeds from strategically placed site cameras. Invigilo enhances and empowers construction professionals efficiently. 👇 ● Creating interactive and user friendly UIs. Designing and developing full-stack applications across multiple platforms using modern industry- adopted languages and frameworks. ● Leveraging cloud services like GitHub, Heroku, Google App Engine. ● Architected and developed Python and Django for the backend development and front-end application using React, Redux, and ES6/7 and PostgreSQL for database. ● Used React JS in components like JSX, creating React components, Virtual DOM, React Props, Lifecycle methods, working with React States and Events. ● Analyzing, developing and implementing web-based applications.

Backend Engineer

Invigilo Technologies 10/2015 - 11/2015

● Researching in existing Machine learning and its applications. ● Assistance of core ML systems for the integration with Fastapi. ● Customized a model for mask detection using machine learning algorithms ● Optimized perception problem.

Full Stack Developer

Upwork 08/2013 - 09/2015

● Built internal websites using React.js, VueJS/Vuex, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Python(Django, Flask), PHP(Laravel, Codeigniter), AJAX and database(MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongDB, Redis, Neo4j). ● Worked on transforming the product into a Progressive Web App to provide responsive UI/UX for mobile customers for increased core engagement and increase in time spent on site through mobile browsers. ● Working with SASS that extends CSS with dynamic behavior. ● Optimized images, minified JS, and CSS, which reduced page load times. ● Reverse-engineered existing web-based application, having LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and WAMP architecture. ● Working on composer packages by following SOLID principles which can be easy to use and consumed by internal applications. ● Profiling the application with blackfire to test, debug, and optimize the performance of the application. ● Tracking and fixing the bugs, which were found during various phases of the development cycle. ● Wrote unit and integration tests using Unit test frameworks(PHPUnit, Pytest). ● Developed a search engine to interact with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongDB and web interface using Django, flask in Python. ● Implemented a data pipeline in Python to mine text, csv, json from 10K+ webpages, upload it in MySQL and process them to extract keywords, create JSON files using Natural Language processing techniques. ● Actively worked on improving SEO tactics in order to improve quality and increase the traffic of the website. ● Created containerized websites using Docker and Kubernetes. ● Used the Amazon Web Services(EC2, Lightsail, Lambda, Beanstalk, RDS, S3, Route 53...), GCP and Azure.

Educations and Certifications

SIM University

Computer Software Engineering 2006 - 2010

Bachelor's degree



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