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Senior Full Stack Developer

Naruhito K.

  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Skill Set- React Native/Flutter | Python/Django/Flask | React/Next | Vue/Nuxt | PHP/Laravel | Node/Nest/Express | MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB.

Experienced with numerous software technologies focusing on web and blockchain development.

Led development of $150K research project which was deemed a “silver standard” by the client. Increased client’s revenue 2-fold after fine-tuning AI/ML-based algorithms.

Also implemented CHAT GPT using Openai API for skype bot and chat bot.

I can work more than 40 hours a week and I can provide you power communication high-quaility

Eager to support building an impeccable online reputation by providing high-level customer support for start-ups and firms.

Worked on flexible projects for unlimited clients around the world.

Strong at building architecture of backend systems and have good sensitive in frontend developing .code and perfect solution for requirements.

Also Specialist at Test Driven Development.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences


02/2021 - Present

• Streamlined page building and enhanced design by integrating Django CMS with wagtail integration, resulting in a 20% improvement in website development efficiency and faster turnaround times
• Launched Smart Contracts for Genesis NFT, Pod, and Marketplace, leveraging ERC- 721-based NFT over ERC-1155
• Automated CI/CD processes to improve efficiency, assisting the DevOps team
• Developed automated solutions using Core Java, including web interfaces with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web services
• Created 65 complex UI components with React, Vue, TypeScript, and SCSS, resulting in a 30% increase in website interactivity and engagement
• Implemented bookmarking, filters, and validations for page routing capabilities, resulting in a 15% increase in website functionality and user satisfaction
• Improved system reliability and performance by streamlining backend development through the integration of Python/Django with unit testing, resulting in a 40% reduction in server downtime


02/2017 - 01/2021

• Leveraged Python/Django and PostgreSQL to deliver scalable full-stack software solutions, resulting in a 25% increase in website traffic and a 15% increase in user engagement
• Led a web development team of 8+ members and managed projects using Git
• Improved to the complete lifecycle development of the company's web application using Django, resulting in a 27% improvement in website load time and an 18% increase in customer satisfaction
• Designed and constructed efficient, restful APIs with Laravel, resulting in a 30% reduction in server response time and a 35% decrease in system downtime
• Configured the Google Analytics module to track website visitors, resulting in a 35% increase in website traffic and a 25% improvement in user engagement 

• Demonstrated strong Laravel programming skills with exposure to both Windows and Linux, resulting in a 20% reduction in software development time and a 30% increase in code quality
• Deployed TDD for both frontend and backend, quickly fixing bugs as necessary, resulting in a 25% reduction in system bugs and a 20% improvement in system reliability
• Built responsive websites using React.js, ensuring compatibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, resulting in a 15% increase in website traffic and a 10% increase in user engagement
• Followed Agile Methodology with 2 weeks sprints and daily scrum meetings, to effectively maintain project timelines and work closely with other engineers.
• Optimized system efficiency by deprecating unnecessary API calls and utilizing custom components using Material Design, resulting in a 25% reduction in page load times
• Collaborated with backend engineers to optimize existing API calls, resulting in a 15% improvement in system performance


10/2015 - 01/2017

• Launched an e-commerce platform, resulting in a 30% sales revenue increase within 3 months
• Developed responsive websites providing optimal viewing experiences across browsers and devices
• Built visually stunning frontends with Tailwind CSS from Figma designs, resulting in a 35% increase in user retention and satisfaction
• Advised and coached the development team on using the Cypress unit test framework, achieving a 50% improvement in code coverage and faster bug identification and fixing
• Configured with the backend team to effectively display data on the frontend, utilizing custom components, library components, Redux, and Redux-Saga, leading to a 40% improvement in data loading times and a 25% reduction in page errors
• Optimized existing API calls by deprecating unnecessary calls and incorporating efficient caching strategies, reducing server costs by 20% and increasing system scalability
• Executed frontend screens using React.js with pre-defined components from NPM and Redux library, resulting in a 30% reduction in development time and faster time-to-market
• Interacted with testing team, scrum masters, and business analysts to identify and address issues

Educations and Certifications


05/2012 - 09/2015

• Bachelor of Science (BS).
• Third place at ACM, part of International College Programming Contest(ICPC).

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