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Martin G. React & Blockchain Developer

Martin G.

  • France
  • 4 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Welcome, Martin here.

I'm a creative Front End & Blockchain Developer based in France and I decided to master Web2 and Web3 development to build my dream products.

My current technical skills revolves around React, Ethereum, Solidity & TypeScript. See more in my CV


Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Full Stack Web Developer

Maskott June 2022 - Now


EdTech french start-up creating web tools for teachers and schoolers.

Working full remote

Joining in June 2022, the main project is the rework of a legacy app to more modern JavaScript based technologies.

10 person dev team, 50 person sized company, agile methodology.



- Complete rework of a legacy app from Orchard Core to React JS & TypeScript
- Integration of automated tests with Jest and Browserstack
- State management architecture with Redux
- Enhanced accessibility from 32% to 68%
- Built reponsive design for all devices and browsers
- Update CI/CD to Docker for two projects
- Creation and enhancement of a fully functionnable React Design System based on Figma prototypes.



Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Jest, Browserstack, Redux, Gitlab, Visual Code Studio, Microsoft Azure, C# / .NET, GraphQL, Node.js

Full Stack Web Developer

UMANIS January 2022 - June 2022


Consultant Agency, working for a client leader in energy industry

Recreation of an internal billing platform used by company professionals


- Improving existing C#/.NET web apps for a client leader in energy industry

- Front-End App Rework with Blazor

Full Stack Mobile Developer

Deep-Logic January 2020 - January 2022

Mobile App Creation from scratch on Android & iOS with Xamarin / C# / .NET
Reactive UI / UX Design with Adobe XD & Figma



The objective of this emerging startup was to establish a proof-of-concept project aimed at validating the feasibility of a data structure replicable across multiple domains. To achieve this goal, we made the strategic decision to launch a highly customizable cooking application. Our vision encompassed leveraging artificial intelligence to provide meals that were tailored precisely to each customer's preferences and requirements.

Key Responsibilities

Full Stack mobile development in Xamarin and MongoDB
Digitial conceptualisation of a hyper-personnalized cooking app
UI / UX design of a mobile app from scratch with Figma
Front-End mobile app development with Xamarin / C# / .NET

Full Tech Stack also included SQL Server, Azure, and Github

Over the course of 2020 March - 2020 July and 2021 September - 2022 February We achieved the following milestones :

  • Digitial conceptualisation of data model
  • V1 App development on Xamarin
  • Marketing plan
  • Feature and release roadmap
  • 3000+ recipes gathered available on the app
  • UI/UX professional rework
  • V2 App development with new user features


SQL C# Node.js .NET Figma Xamarin Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development UX Design MongoDB Azure GitHub

Full Stack Web Developer

CONITY September 2018 - December 2018

Landing Page Website ( created in HTML / CSS / JS / Bootstrap
SaaS Web Platform development with PHP , Symfony, Twig et Grav
Automation of unit and integration tests with Selenium

In response to an initial lack of sales, my first strategic move involved the development of a new website, This landing page was designed with a specific purpose in mind: to serve as a powerful tool for our sales team, enabling them to engage builders and construction companies, our valued clientele.

Technologies used :
Docker + GitLab for CI/CD
UI/UX with Adobe XD

The implementation of this website yielded positive results, paving the way for a subsequent phase of my role, and allowing sales team to secure more leads along the way.

Educations and Certifications

EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

Master in Computer Science 2017-2022

Master's degree in Computer Science in France, integrating internships and 1 year abroad in South Korea

100% project based education along with enterprise immersion From 2019 to 2022


Main project : 3 years long with a team of 10 developers :



Main responsibilities

EdTech Educational Video game to learn code with Unity / C#

Website development with Wordpress

In-game UI/UX design and creation

Sound design


Master's degree abroad 2020-2021

Exchange student year in Seoul, South Korea


Relevant topics covered :



Object Oriented Programming

Design Patterns

Game Design


Dapp University 2023

- Advanced Solidity, Hardhat, EthersJS, IPFS practice

- Cryptography Blockchain Fundamentals

- Blockchain Security

- Project-based approach


Dapp University 2023

- Advanced Solidity, Hardhat, EthersJS, IPFS practice

- Cryptography Blockchain Fundamentals

- Blockchain Security

- Project-based approach

Notion Mastery Badge

Notion 2023

Mastery of the organizing tool Notion

JavaScript Certificate

TestDome 2023

TestDome JavaScript Coding certification exam passed



Full page here : Smart Contracts Solidity Blockchain Web3 React.js JavaScript Hardhat ethers.js MetaMask Context Decentralized Exchange (DEX): A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Dissimilar to mainstream exchanges such as Binance, our platform operates on the foundation of smart contracts, ensuring complete autonomy within the blockchain ecosystem. Purpose: A Real-world Endeavor: We embarked on this venture to create a practical and impactful project. Embracing DeFi: Our platform contributes to the growing realm of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). A Launchpad for Innovation: It provides a solid foundation for building diverse applications and leveraging the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology. Key Responsibilities Learning technologies like Solidity, Hardhat, Ethers.js and MetaMask Smart Contract Token and Exchange development with Solidity UI / UX responsive design Full Stack Web Development in React.js Deployment to testnets Unit Testing the whole platform Description Here are the development steps of my DEX project from scratch and expected features I was able to fulfill. Metamask Integration: Seamless integration with Metamask for secure and user-friendly blockchain connectivity. User Connection: Implement a user-friendly 'Connect' button for hassle-free account linkage. Blockchain Network Selection: Enable users to choose their preferred blockchain or test network through a 'Network Select' feature. Market Selection: Facilitate market selection, allowing users to choose their preferred tokens with the 'Select Market' button. Deposit Mechanism: Create a secure and efficient deposit system for users' assets. Order Creation: Develop an intuitive order creation system for trading. Token Trading: Enable users to seamlessly trade tokens on the platform. Candlestick Chart: Implement a user-friendly candlestick chart for market analysis. Developer Fees: Establish a mechanism where transaction fees contribute to the platform's development and sustainability. User Listings: Allow users to list cryptocurrencies for buying or selling among the available options. Website Development: Construct a dynamic and responsive website using React. Blockchain Setup: Configure and deploy the blockchain on the Hardhat development environment. Smart Contracts: Develop a set of smart contracts, including exchanges and tokens. Configuration: Initial setup and configuration of the entire platform. Smart Contract Integration: Integration of smart contracts for tokens and exchanges into the platform. Testing: Thoroughly test the functionality and security of the platform. Front-end Development: Build a user-friendly and responsive front-end using React and Redux. Ethers Integration: Establish Ether.js for seamless communication between the front-end and back-end. Deployment: Deploy the platform on the live blockchain network for public access. These milestones represent the comprehensive development process for our project.


Full Page : Technologies Twitch Streaming Tools Graphical programming nodeCG start GG API HTML JavaScript React.js GraphQL Twitch API Postman Context In Esports and Smash tournaments, live streaming is a standard practice to reach a broader audience and enhance the competitive spirit for both players and spectators. Typically, for setting up such streams, we rely on a director who operates OBS to switch scenes, update player scores, and provide match-related information, all aimed at ensuring an optimal viewer experience. The objective of this project was to streamline the responsibilities of these directors by automating a significant portion of their tasks through the API, the platform where tournaments take place. Key Responsibilities Clarified specs with stream managers Designed and developed a dashboard website Designed and developed overlays web pages Designed modular overlays with Photoshop for OBS Frontend made with (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React) Backend (Start gg API via GraphQL) Deployed the website for easier access Description Requirement Clarification: I initiated in-depth discussions with stream managers to understand their specific needs and the goals of the project. By thoroughly clarifying the specifications, we laid a solid foundation for the development process. Dashboard Website Development: I took on the challenge of designing and developing a comprehensive dashboard website from scratch. This involved creating a user-friendly interface that provided advanced functionality for managing and viewing esports tournaments. Overlay Creation: To enhance the viewer experience, I designed and developed overlay web pages. These overlays presented real-time information in a visually appealing manner, immersing esports fans in the gaming action. Modular Overlay Design: For greater flexibility and seamless integration with OBS, I designed modular overlays. By utilizing tools like Photoshop, I ensured that scene transitions during streaming were smooth and captivating. Frontend Development: The frontend of the website was my responsibility. I implemented it using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, guaranteeing that users had access to a responsive and intuitive platform. Backend Integration: I integrated the backend using the API through GraphQL. This empowered the website to deliver up-to-the-minute data on scores, player tags, team details, stream queues, and match information. This made the platform highly interactive and engaging for the esports community. Deployment: After extensive development and testing, I successfully deployed the website. This made it easily accessible to viewers, stream managers, and tournament participants worldwide, ensuring that they could enjoy a seamless and feature-rich experience. Key Features: I ensured real-time score updates were an integral part of the platform. Player tags were meticulously implemented for easy identification. Team information for players was made readily available. A stream queue management feature was added for enhanced control. The platform provided in-depth match information for the convenience of both viewers and participants. By taking on this project, I aimed to elevate the esports streaming experience, making it more immersive and interactive for all stakeholders involved. By employing different colors for the icon and notifications, we effectively kept users informed at all times, allowing them to join with a single click from their browser and ensuring they didn't miss any of his valuable content.


Full page here : Technologies Chrome Extension HTML JavaScript React.js GraphQL Twitch YouTube API Context In order to enhance and stabilize his viewership, renowned streamer Zack Nani required a Google Chrome extension. This extension allowed him to provide his dedicated community with real-time notifications on their screens whenever he initiated a live streaming session. Key Responsibilities Clarified client expectations Designed and developed a Chrome extension Frontend made with (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Backend (YouTube and Twitch API via GraphQL) Published the extension on the Chrome Web Store for user access Description I began by clarifying the streamer's expectations to identify the desired features. Subsequently, I proposed an initial prototype following prototyping conducted on Figma, and we iterated until we found the perfect solution for my client. Once the design and features were defined, I constructed the HTML page and implemented various notification features using the YouTube and Twitch APIs. This enabled viewers to receive updates every minute, indicating the release of a new video or the start of Zack's live stream. By employing different colors for the icon and notifications, we effectively kept users informed at all times, allowing them to join with a single click from their browser and ensuring they didn't miss any of his valuable content.
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