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Vishal K.

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11+ Years of Java development in major financial Investment banks using vast number of frameworks and technologies.
I am an OCPJP 1.6 (formerly SCJP) certified professional, who has been involved in the field of Application Development since 2002 in a wide variety of Business Applications. I've been successfully employing my expertise in the use of Multi-Threading, Collections, Kafka & Concurrency for designing as well as fine-tuning Applications to achieve increasingly lower Latency. Have extensive experience on frameworks like Spring-boot.

I also have an Active Online presence (e.g. as a Programmer / Coder wherein I try to help learners develop a better theoretical and practical understanding of various aspects of Java Technology.

Opportunities to Design and Develop Solutions for the most Challenging Projects wherein I can employ my expertise, experience & creativity as a Core Java professional. Also, With my recent opportunities to interact directly with the stakeholders to gather requirement and implement those requirements with greater level of accuracy, I will be happy to take the opportunities as product owner and managers , but that should not stop me from writing codes .

Core Java, Multi-threading, Concurrency, Collections, Micro-services, Spring boot, Functional programming, JPA , Kafka/KafkaStreams

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Sr Java Developer

2 Months

Here I am working on RISK Management system that is responsible for managing the counterparties information and the the various limitations imposed on those counterparties along with the excess management (in case the breach is observed)

Senior Software Engineer

5 months

At Admix I have worked on low latency AdTech application that is responsible for delivering the advertisements to the online games running on different platforms.
As senior software engineer my responsibilities are:

1. Design software using collected data, systems analysis and prior bug reports; confer with management teams regarding user reports to personalize software and increase productivity
2. Determine viability of solutions by evaluating current problems, future requirements, existing solutions and customized programs
3. Prepare, install, debug and analyze solutions in harmony with system requirements.
4. Research new technologies, advancements and industry improvements in order to stay abreast of the latest developments and enhance the success of the company.
5. Document details of coding projects through a standardized process of writing program descriptions, cataloging changes made and recording any special instructions

My achievements :
1. Implemented a thread-model that made the single instance of server to handle the traffics equal to the 4 instances of servers. That helped the company to save money by reducing the server counts on Cloud and achieving the better maintainability of servers.
2. Introduced the code quality and performance checks by integrating the application with Sonarcloud and Sentry.
3. Re-evaluated the code and checked the major performance bottlenecks and implemented the solutions for those performance bottlenecks.

Authorized officer/Java Developer/Product Owner

4 Years 9 months

Developed a set of micro-services for MIFID II/FINMA regulatory reporting using Spring-boot, Kafka/KafkaStream and RDBMS. I am the product owner of front office reporting application that is responsible for reporting pre and post trade messages to regulatory bodies. This application is responsible for handling 20 to 40 millions transactions on daily basis. It is the composition of 5 individual micro-services that work collectively to get the work done. Apart from that I actively take part in taking business and technical decisions on various projects.
Major projects that I have worked on :
I worked single handedly on the BREXIT project for my application across the Global equity and derivative section of the company.
As the product owner I am responsible for :
1. Acting as the primary communicator and link between stakeholders and the team
2. Evaluating product progress at each iteration
3. Anticipating and addressing the client needs
4. Overseeing the development stages with stakeholders and team
5. Prioritizing the needs
6. Managing product backlog in scrum board

Apart from being the product owner I also fulfil my responsibility as a software developer . Being the product owner and developer helps me to produce a stable , effective , functionally accurate and robust product .

Technologies : Spring-boot, Multi-threading, JPA, Kafka/Kafka-stream , Functional programming

Software Designer

2 Yrs 10 months

I worked as a Java developer on a deal (Live as well as Historical) monitoring application eScope. This is a low latency background application that feeds data to various client side applications (eg. ) that are used directly by the front office desk (traders and risk management team).
As a Designer, I
1) Take ownership of designing and adding new functionalities to various server components in application.
2) Interact with BA team to understand the business requirement associated with various JIRAs.
3) Ensure the data consistency and integrity across the downstream systems.
4) Evaluate and monitor the performance of application to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

Associate Technology L2

1 Yr 2 months

Worked with a leading investment bank client(Morgan-Stanley)- as a Java Developer. Here,I was involved in Regulatory Reporting applications for Japan Securities. Major responsibilities include -
1) Being responsible for Analyzing the Technical requirements.
2) Taking ownership of building the Report Generator & Report Uploading components of the Application.
3) Handling the vast amount of Data using effective Segregation techniques and proven Multithreading & File Handling concepts.

Software Engineer

My job responsibilities involved:
1) Research & Development activities pertaining to Software Enhancement.
2) Designing and Developing Source code for PIB Trading Software (Desktop Application).
3) Reviewing existing Codes and Customizing them according to ever-emerging, dynamic Client Requirements.
4) Unit Testing for developed Modules.
5) Developing Engineering Artifacts.

Educations and Certifications

Masters in Computer Application

2 Years

Studied computer programming and Information technology 


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