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Kameshwar N. Mr

Kameshwar N.

  • 14 years
  • Part-time (less than 40 hrs a week)
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I am Kameshwar from Bangalore, India. I have 13+ years of experience in software development. I have a very good hold on React, Node, Python, React-Native and WordPress.  I have been a tech co-founder and CTO of a software development services company in Bangalore and as part of our services, I have worked first hand on the development of 25+ products along with the 50+ websites. 

This journey helped me work on many interesting projects. Few noteworthy projects were.
1. Modifying the LLVM compiler and making changes to its register allocation algorithm.
2. Network Sniffing and Packet analysis.
3. Scraping IMDB to get the public information available of Movies. This was for a project where we needed a lot of data.
4. Building an ERP. Personally built the entire POS
5. Built multiple Android and iOS app using react native
i. WeShare Now - Social media application
ii. Finpoint Kirana - Secure bookkeeping and credit tracking app
iii. Odo Game - Local language Wordsearch game

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Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Co-Founder and CTO

at Panorbit Aug 2015 - Present
  • Have worked on 200+ projects which included product development, website development and consultation
  • Have hands on experience in developing 20+ software products
  • Built a factory management tool which is used in factories to know the health of the line in real time. It is primarily used in microchip producing companies
  • Built a athlete management tool for cricket for a startup from zero. I have been a chief architect and backend developer for this application
  • Built an enterprise software a company which serviced large corporations with 5000+ workforce. I have been the architect and mobile app developer for the
  • project
  • Built mock-stock application which is a mock trading platform where the users can trade virtual currencies on the platform. The stock market was realtime and was extracted from Indian stock markets (BSE, NSE)
  • Worked on an ERP and wrote the entire code for the billing platform
  • I have been consulting multiple startups and helping with technology adoption

Member Technical Staff

at Netapp 2010-2012
  • I joined Netapp as a QA engineer to ensure the quality of Netapp Products
  • I built an internal tool during my spare for easy communication between two bug tracking tools
  • I was asked to lead a team for automation within 1 year. However I had to decline the role because I was planning to quit the organisation

Educations and Certifications

Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering

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