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Jeroen K. Programmer

Jeroen K.

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▪ Intelligent, problem solver, strategic thinker

▪ Flexible, dedicated, “can do” mentality

▪ Loves exploring new technologies and sharing knowledge

▪ Accepts challenges

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences


AMAZIUM 03/2009 – NOW

Amazium provides IT & Management Consultancy services to companies. We build and manage teams, we translate business requirements to working software in time and in budget. We are currently transforming the business to an international company with developers based across the world led and managed by the Amazium project team. We match skills and experience with customer needs.

Amazium Bulgaria (Owner, 07/2018 – now – research phase)

Connecting-Expertise (CTO, 01/2016 – now)

Audience Advantage (Lead Backend developer, 08/2017 – 12/2017)

Connecting-Expertise (Senior Developer, 04/2011 – 12/2015)

Telenet E-Services (Scrum Master / Lead Developer Mobile, 08/ 2009 – 03/2011)



In my experience of building and managing teams, I decided to look at the nearshore software development market to build complementary teams for Belgian companies. For various reasons I choose Bulgaria as a hub (proximity, costs, resources) and I have been doing my research on the how, where and what. In the very near future we will be able to help any company build their own remote, complementary team, fully managed and fulfilling all legal and governmental requirements (taxes, social security, legal obligations, contracts,…).



When the team grew bigger, I became responsible for leading the team and implementing agile development processes. I also was responsible for guarding code quality and technological decisions. I kept doing hands-on development work as well. Skills: People management, Agile, Scrum, Team Leading, PHP, SAML2, REST, MySQL, RabbitMQ, and more.


CONNECTING EXPERTISE 03/2011 – 12/2015

I worked in full autonomy as part of a 2 men development team working on the Connecting-Expertise SAAS platform as Senior Developer and Software Architect, directly reporting to the CIO. Back-end development including writing a generic, extensible reporting platform, api development, generic upload/export modules, new invoicing platform, etc…Skills: PHP, SAML2, REST, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Teamleader API, Jenkins, Gitlab API, and more.


ARANEA LABS 04/2015 – 03/2016

I co-founded Aranea Labs (7 man strong) with 2 partners. We work for start-ups, entrepreneurs and established organizations, transforming ideas into living, breathing solutions that captivate users and generates revenue. From discovery and analysis to ongoing product development, Aranea Labs takes charge of all the technical activities so the business partner can focus on growing his business. Skills: People management, Team Leading, Budgetting, Workflow & IT processes, Building Teams, and more.



At Telenet I was responsible as Team Lead and Scrum Master for the multi-disciplinary mobile development team. Part-time handson development work on the back-end side. Skills: People management, Agile, Scrum, Team Leading, PHP, SOAP, MySQL, and more.



R&C job was same as New Media Ventures position, but part-time (2d/week) and as freelancer. See below


- KMO SITES 03/2009 – 07/2009

Implement agile development processes, professionalized workflow and increased productivity. Worked away a long backlog and got the team back on track. Skills: : People management, Agile, Scrum, Team Leading


NEW MEDIA VENTURES 11/2007 – 02/2009

New Media Ventures helped a start-up in the Gambling Industry to create a new innovative platform. I was involved as DBA and Lead Developer, responsible for general development and integration of 3rd party software and tools (Openbet Games, Microgaming ULC, Payments systems, NETrefer, etc…). Technologies: Informix, PHP5, Zend Framework.

Michael Cornelis, CEO start-up, says “Jeroen is one of the most pragmatic and efficient Internet developers I ever met. No-nonsense, very fast, understanding functional goals in a snap, delivering more than requested in a shorter time than expected, always available, always enthusiast. Quick fixes take minutes, not meetings … To be considered as a reliable rock in the IT organization!”


UNIBET.COM 02/2005 - 10/2007

After the successful migration, I was promoted to Head of Online Marketing Development, the IT team in the Ghent Office. In this function I spent approximately 40% leading the team (people management) and 60% managing the project. My team provided the Online Marketing department with the tools to set up successful online campaigns (Unibet’s customer base grew by 58% during 2006, resulting in a 50% increase of gross revenue). As team leader I was responsible for strategy, budget, recruitment, evaluation and coaching of my team and its 7 members and reporting to management. As project leader I put processes in place to increase the efficiency of my team (scrum).

Daniel Johansson, CIO, says “Jeroen has been one of the key IT employees in Unibet as he combines a good understanding of our business with IT skills. He is hard working and shows a flexible can-do attitude, even during stressful conditions. Jeroen’s IT experience from an Internet based high growth company, including M&A activities and online marketing skills, should prove to be very useful in many organizations these days.” 


MRBOOKMAKER 11/2003 - 01/2006

I started my career at MrBookmaker as a developer working on the streamlining, consolidation and improvement of existing web processes (payment system, bonus system, refer-a-friend system, Customer Care application) to increase efficiency and enable real time reporting for management. I was offered the position of DBA when the company decided to build a new platform (Java/Oracle) (feb 2005). In that position I worked on several projects to optimize the existing MySQL database & code base. I oversaw the migration of the data from the MySQL database to the new Oracle database in cooperation with the Icelandic company involved in the creation of the new platform. This project was cancelled when MrBookmaker was acquired by Unibet in August 2005. At the MrBookmaker side, I was responsible for the data migration project to the Unibet system.

Stefaan Vandaele, CTO, says “Jeroen is an all round team player, with a passion for IT and always curious to learn about new technologies. He demonstrated strong technical skills and creativity, but also the discipline to deliver strong results. Also highly recommended and appreciated as friend and colleague.”


KBC SECURITIES NV 11/2000 - 03/2003

At KBC Securities I did the development of the Investor Relations site ( & online investment site ( I also developed a tool used in the 4 offices of KBC Securities to foster in house trading of stocks enabling savings on transaction costs.


XS4ALL INTERNET BELGIUM 06/1999 - 10/2000

At XS4All I was responsible for analysis, development and maintenance of database driven websites for different clients including Greenpeace Belgium, Recticel and Ecoline.

Frans Gerbosch, co-founder and CEO, says “Jeroen is an enthusiastic guy, with a pragmatic, clear vision. He is not only an outstanding developer, but even a good analyzer and a sharp DB-administrator”

Educations and Certifications

Latin-Mathematics, Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege Antwerp


Bio-Engineering (1st year), University Ghent


Bachelor Applied Computer Sciences, CVO-IVV Ghent1

Evening school


▪ Digital Strategy, Vlerick

▪ Sandler Foundation Training (sales)

▪ “Good to Great” Management Course

▪ Scrum Master

▪ IBM Informix DBA, Oracle Admin Workshop 1 & PL/SQL

▪ Java Essentials & Advanced, OO Programming, J2EE, Hibernate 3, Struts

Zend Certified Engineer (PHP5 & Zend Framework)

MySQL 5.0 Certified Developer

Certified Scrum Master



Dutch Native Language English Excellent French Understanding good, speaking and writing average Russian Understanding medium, speaking and writing basics


Design Patterns, XSLT, Project Management, People Management, Conflict Management and Change Management, Digital Strategy
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