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Bashir H. JavaScript Engineer with Angular & React

Bashir H.

  • Nigeria
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I am a results-oriented JavaScript Engineer, tech community builder and speaker dedicated to creating and optimising interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich web and mobile applications using React React Native, Node, Angular and Vue. A firm believer in the mobile-first approach that leverages analytical skills and strong attention to detail in order to deliver original and efficient software solutions, provide technical knowledge and expertise, build and maintain applications, and successfully manage other software professionals. Being a software crafts-person has made me realize that no problem is too big. Every problem can be broken into smaller easier-to-manage tasks. I read and research a lot on human history. I believe the future is a combination of the understanding of the past and our present. I generally love making software fast, accessible and easy to use for almost anybody, no matter who you are!

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Frontend Software Engineer

MentorMate 05/2021 - present


Location: Remote

Frontend Software Engineer at SPS Commerce

MentorMate 05/2021 - present


Location: Remote

Software Engineer

Mantis FM 10/2019 - present

Mantis FM is a facility management company involved in creating and maintaining software for managing facilities. One of its foremost products is an all-in-one solution that works with every kind of estate used to manage day to day runnings of a resident. As a software engineer, I was able to work on and maintain most of the company products and some of my functions were as follows. ● Single-handedly worked on the bundle size reduction and optimization of some company products using techniques such as cache optimization, improved route based code splitting and dynamic imports reducing app size by over 90% and speeding up subsequent load speed 10X faster. ● Converted design mockups into full web HTML/CSS/JS templates ● Integrating front end React and Angular solutions into a Node/Fastify/Express based system ● Consuming Rest and Graphql endpoints with Angular, React and React Native applications. ● Created React Native mobile applications used by the company and its customers. ● Worked on creating the company's web presence. ● Project Report and documentation. ● I was involved in taking products from idea phase to the market. ● Created and consumed Nodejs/Strapi Api endpoints.

Location: Remote

UI Software Engineer

Invisible Technologies Inc. 06/2020 - 05/2021

Invisible technologies is a San Francisco based company that helps clients from Fortune 500s to startups run their big and small business processes more efficiently. Their unique and ethical approach to outsourcing and automation can give a team, or company the kind of capacity only big businesses have had until now. This is also called Worksharing. ● I worked on the Product Engineering Team — a globally distributed engineering organisation — responsible for the Digital Assembly Line, a platform to manage client communications, projects, schedules, and users. ● I was a member of a two man team that maintained the company's Design System Project. It consisted of components written in React and typescript that were used across all company products so as to maintain visual consistency. ● I implemented user-facing features created by the product designer in frontend React JavaScript and TypeScript code. ● I consumed GraphQL queries from Node to React. ● Performed code reviews together with the rest of the team to ensure code quality and maintainability.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer

Le Proghrammeen Solutions 01/2019 - 08/2019

Le Proghrammeen Solutions Ltd is one of the foremost ICT Companies registered in Nigeria with core concentration in Software/ Web Design and Development,Android Development, Capacity Development (IT), Systems Integration and Support. The company provides web design and development services to local clients, international clients, federal and state government agencies. Some of my functions as a Software Engineer with the company are: ● Maintaining compatibility between browsers and platforms including PC, Mobile and Tablet ● Integrating front end solutions (including HTML5, CSS3, JQuery) into a Pheonix/Erlang based system ● Utilising tools such as Figma and Sketch to manipulate and create graphics. ● Project management (client communications, time and resource management) ● Project Documentation for clients and future engineers ● Wrote clean React code using best practices as recommended by the react team. ● Introduced the use of responsive design to compliment mobile and tablet devices. ● Product planning and prioritisation tasks ● Developed HTML emails from PSD Designs. ● Partnered with Quality Assurance engineers to lead development of integration tests. ● Extended software compatibility across browsers and platforms.

Location: Abuja

Frontend Developer

Intellectual Apps Ltd. 10/2018 - 03/2019

Intellectual Apps Limited is a software solutions company based in Abuja, Nigeria. The company has a pool of clients in which it helps imagine, design and automate processes. I was a part of the team of intellectuals (What we called employees) and some of my functions as a frontend developer were as follows: ● I Developed custom and fully functional Jquery and Vuejs apps for company clients based on different use cases ● I Developed and enhanced JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 templates to standardize the development of mobile apps for our clients ● I Provided implementation support for customers using the HTML5 integrated applications for desktop, mobile, and tablet. ● I Wrote Fully responsive HTML/CSS code that works across different devices and browsers ● I Worked with a team of engineers comprising a Designer, Project manager, Backend Engineer and Mobile Engineer to bring about the best products for our clients ● I programmed interactive features: animations, text boxes, navigation buttons, messaging systems, forum functions exclusively in JavaScript. ● I worked with back-end engineers who process data behind the scenes to create custom software for leaders in the taxation industry ● I was involved in training new hires on web technologies. ● I was considered Subject Matter Expert within the company with regards to HTML, JavaScript and CSS ● Designed and developed web products that focused on usability and user experience with an emphasis on web analytics.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Frontend Developer

Mettalloids Limited 10/2017 - 08/2018

Mettalloids limited is a software solutions company that is involved in solving problems and automating processes with technology. Mettalloids has a variety of products and I was opportuned to work on some of them. Some of my functions as a Frontend Developer was to: ● Design and implement developer friendly reusable Angular 2+ Components ● Work in creating a metrics visualisation product used to monitor fluid levels in various use cases with react components ● Convert wireframes / mockups into fully functioning UIs ● I was involved in taking a major project( from idea phase to the market. ● Write CSS following BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) standard & DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle ● Quickly detect, find and fix bug, thinking in UX first ● Collaborate with other engineers and code testers to ensure end-to-end quality

Location: Osun, Nigeria

Marketing Ambassador

KUDI.AI 04/2017 - 06/2017

KUDI is one of the foremost finance companies in Nigeria with a mission to make financial services accessible and affordable for all Africans. This is done by enabling Africans send money and Pay bills through digital channels like Messaging, Mobile, Web, USSD and physically through an Agent network. I worked with KUDI as a student ambassador in charge of pushing use of the product on Obafemi Awolowo University Campus. Some of the ways I discharged my duties as a campus ambassador is as follows: ● I Kept abreast with the latest publication marketing strategies and developed new social media campaigns to increase brand influence ● I Initiated a series of marketing campaigns including print, digital, door to door and social media analysis directed at making sure students and residents of Obafemi Awolowo University use the app

Location: Ile ife

Educations and Certifications


React 2020 - present

React Nanodegree

Obafemi Awolowo University

Computer Engineering 2014 - 2020

Bachelor's degree

React Nanodegree

Google ALC Mentor,See%20credential,-Show%20more

Mobile Web Specialist

Udemy React

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