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Reza M. Full-Stack Engineer, 10+ years of NodeJS ✮ JavaScript ✮ React ✮

Reza M.

  • $45/hour
  • Dubai
  • 10 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Back End (JavaScript): Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, REST API, Mongoose.

Databases: NoSQL, SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB.

Front End: CSS, Html5, React.js, GraphQL.

Testing: Unit testing, Integration testing, Mocha.js, Chai.js, Sinon.js.

Documentation: Swagger, JsDoc, Postman.

DevOps, Teamwork: Docker, Some AWS services, Atlassian Products, Git, CI/CD, Redis, Elasticsearch, Rabbitmq, Scrum.

Not expert but interested: Web3, Crypto, Blockchain, NFT, Solidity.

I have been working in the software industry for more than 11 years. Mostly a full-stack developer by using NodeJS, MongoDB, and React.js. Having the experience of building high-available distributed applications using microservice architecture. Experience in using AWS services in different projects. If you’re looking for a self-learner and highly motivated developer, I’m a good fit for you.




Skills and experiences



  • Accomplishments
  • React.js Basics > 75%
  • React.js Advanced > 75%
  • React.js Expert > 75%
  • React.js Coding > 75%


  • Accomplishments
  • Node.js Basics > 75%
  • Node.js Advanced > 75%
  • Node.js Expert > 75%
  • Node.js Coding > 75%


  • Accomplishments
  • Javascript Basics > 75%
  • Javascript Advanced > 75%
  • Javascript Expert > 75%

Skills and experiences

Web3 developer

Iceberg Labs | United States Nov 2021 - Jul 2022 · 9 mos

We've launched two cool NFT projects.
Some tasks I have done were:

*Created two websites from ground up (React.js).
*Created ERC20 token, ERC721A(NFT), staking contracts with Solidity.
*Did some research about gas optimizations, and security problems, ...

Senior Software Engineer

Cheshmak 01/2016 - 03/2021

Mobile Analytics and Advertising .Users can send push notifications, see analytics charts and data, monetizing money, etc. Some tasks I have done for Cheshmak were: 1. Helping their team to create microservices with TypeScript, Node.js and MongoDB. ( We used the following tools and software for connecting our services: Rabbitmq, Redis, Elastic) 2. Redesigned their web panel that is built with AngularJS 1.×. 3. Created a helper panel with React.js 4. Created landing pages, blog, docs page with WordPress. 5. Established an internal mail server with Iredmail. 6. Creating plugins and wrappers for our android SDK. That includes Unity, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Phone Gap, Cordova, Basic4Android 7. Participating in answering users' problems. Technologies used: JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, Express.js, APIs, React.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Unit, testing, Integration, testing, Some, AWS, services, Atlassian, Products, Git, CI/CD, Redis, Elasticsearch, Rabbitmq, Scrum, Docker, Mocha.js, Chai.js, Sinon.js, Swagger, JsDoc, Postman

Location: Iran

Full Stack Engineer

Saina Cloud 06/2013 - 01/2015

Saina was a software development company. Some tasks I have done for Saina were: Made API endpoints for mobile and web apps. Created live charts with Highcharts and web sockets. Worked with some AWS and OVH APIs. Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, MySQL, JavaScript

Full Stack Developer

Payvar Co. 01/2011 - 12/2013

Payvar provides solutions and services for companies and governmental organizations that handle their tasks and services efficiently. Some tasks I have done for Payvar were: Create plugins and extensions for their ERP system with Ruby On Rails. Technologies used: Ruby On Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Web Developer

Tavanmand | شرکت توانمند 01/2010 - 01/2011


Educations and Certifications

University of Kashan

Computer Software Engineering 2007 - 2012

Bachelor's degree




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