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Slavoljub M. Full-stack Developer

Slavoljub M.

  • $46/hour
  • Serbia
  • 5 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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With 8+ years of experience, Slavoljub is a Software Engineer experienced in full-stack development of web applications and mobile. His strengths are in building high-quality websites, web apps, and mobile applications.

- React + Node.js (5 years)
- Angular (5 years)
- Vue.js (2,5 years)
- GatsbyJS (1 year )
- React Native (3 years)
- Chrome Extension (5 years )
- Meteor (1 year)
- ExtJS (1 year)
- Ionic (3 years)

- JavaScript (7 years)
- Typescript (3 years)
- PHP (5 years)
- HTML (8 years)
- LESS/CSS (8 years)

- MongoDB
- PostgreSQL
- CouchDB

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Front-end Developer

Trackonomics, Jan 2019 - present


  • Designed and updated layouts to meet usability and performance requirements.
  • Developed customer-facing communications with measurable click-thru rates for marketing conversion tracking.
  • Verified all web-based products fulfilled prescribed project needs through direct interaction with stakeholders.

Senior Software Development Engineer

TRIBE.XYZ, Sep 2019 - present


  • Serving as Software Development Engineer position.
  • Making Chrome extensions for all recruiters to add candidates easily from LinkedIn to their CRM.
  • Conducted regression testing, analyzed results and submitted observations to development team.
  • Researched, designed and implemented scalable applications for information identification, extraction, analysis, retrieval and indexing.

Senior Software Engineer

FreeeUp, Apr 2019 - Sep 2020


  • Served as Software Development Engineer position.
  • Played as freelancer to help many clients by accomplishing their projects.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional development team members to analyze potential system solutions based on evolving client requirements.
  • Orchestrated efficient large-scale software deployments, including testing features and correcting code.
  • Tested troubleshooting methods, devised innovative solutions, and documented resolutions for inclusion in knowledge base for support team use.
  • Coordinated with hardware and system engineering leads to gather and develop system requirements.

React /React Native Developer

PhData, Inc, May 2019 - Aug 2019


  • Worked on updating project with React & React Native tasks.
  • Authored code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches.
  • Developed management programs using programming languages such as React and React Native.

Software Engineer

Warner Laine, Jun 2019 - Jul 2019


  • Worked on Warner Laine company for making chrome extension That chrome extension automates ordering / getting information of orders so it saves hundred of hours of company.
  • Tested troubleshooting methods, devised innovative solutions, and documented resolutions for inclusion in knowledge base for support team use.

React Developer

Comelody, May 2019


  • Worked for Comelody company with fixing small problems / front-end updating using React / Redux/ Ant Design Findy Inc.
  • TypeScript Expert for Data Scrapping.
  • Designed REST calls using React to streamline user interface performance.

Typescript Developer

Findy, Fab 2019 - Mar 2019


  • Worked for Findy company with making data scrappers using Typescript and pre-built tools which company had.
  • Issued receipts and processed refunds, credits, or exchanges.
  • Promoted customer loyalty and consistent sales by delivering friendly service and knowledgeable assistance.

Educations and Certifications

Srednja Tehnica Skola - Leskovac, Serbia

Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Computer Science, 2002 - 2006
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