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Omur N. Front-end Developer

Omur N.

  • California, US
  • 1+ years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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Omur is Front-end Developer experienced in

  • converting wireframes, design mockups into functional UI code
  • managing multiple teams and multiple projects
  • consuming REST APIs in React with Fetch and Axios
  • consuming GraphQL API in Gatsby.js
  • optimizing images in Gatsby using image-sharp
  • code splitting in React using Suspense
  • managing client state using Redux
  • visualizing data in React using Victory.js
  • building forms in React using Formik
  • writing server-less functions
  • working with nerveless technologies such as Stripe, Netlify
  • working with JavaScript, CSS, XPATH, and DOM
  • testing web applications using Selenium IDE, Selenium Webdriver
  • working with bug reporting tools such as JIRA, Trello, Notion

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Front-end Developer

Global Travel Telecom, Feb 2021 - present


  • Reviewed test plans, test cases and test scripts to ensure consistency, goals and objectives of QA resources working on the application
  • Created detailed Test plan, Test Scenarios and Test cases according to the business requirements
  • Coordinated remote team in India to meet requirement
  • Performed manual testings to ensure the UI looks same across all browsers
  • Defects were filed, tracked, reviewed and analyzed using Jira
  • Attended different daily scrum meeting, retrospective meeting, iteration planning meeting
  • Communicating with the remote teams in other locations to follow the activities such as meetings, trainings, responsibilities and problem solving was mandatory
  • Came up with a solution for companies business needs
  • Helped to detect and solved 3rd-party integration issues. (Such as integrating the application with Twillio, Uber, AirBnb)
  • Worked with a backend developer to finish the project
  • Came up with a solution for companies business needs
  • Coordinated and did testings with a data providers in China to test the functionality of the website
  • Defects were filed, tracked, reviewed and analyzed using Trello
  • Used React to build the frontend
  • Used Tailwind CSS to bootstrap the project development
  • Integrated Stripe to manage transactions
  • Using data provided by backend built company POS system

Front-end Developer

Fixinity, Jan 2018 - Mar 2020


  • Worked with React and Redux
  • Migrated code from Redux to Redux Toolkit
  • Improved existing search feature using axios library to avoid unnecessary requests
  • Integrated Mailgun to send e-mail notifications
  • Worked on improving existing code making sure that the code is dry and easy to maintain
  • Prepared system Test plans, covering UI, Functional and Non-Functional requirements
  • Fixinity Employee Dashboard project
    • Dashboard has all the information about all active “Advisors” and partner mechanic shop; t is also a place where Advisors can fill out and send their reports
  • Converted design mockups into functional UI code using React and Redux
  • Consumed REST API data to produce data visualizations using Victory.js
  • Ensured proper form validations
  • Optimized React code using code splitting via Suspense
  • Worked together with a team to implement Design Systems
  • Implemented two design variations using React and styled-components
  • Documented work using Storybook
  • Guided new-joined and gave them tasks from backlogs


Gatsby blog

Authorization using Netlify Lambda

Serverless Database Using Hasura

Skygo Global SIM Landing Page

Sending emails using Mailgun

Cellphone store

Educations and Certifications

Santa Monica College

Associate's degree, Computer Science, 2016 - 2018
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