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Suyash S. Founder Codevigor

Suyash S.

  • Quebec
  • 10 years
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I am a seasoned blockchain technology expert and entrepreneur, with a rich tapestry of experience that spans over a decade in the tech industry. As the CTO and Co-Founder of NeoWorlder, I have been at the forefront of developing pioneering technologies in the metaverse, including a comprehensive financial infrastructure, 3D exploration systems, AI layers, and NFT marketplaces. His work emphasizes not only technical innovation but also practical applications that enhance user engagement and financial inclusivity within digital spaces.

Holding a foundational role as Co-Founder of Horizon Africa, I have been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge blockchain solutions, such as permissioned blockchains, decentralized applications, and diverse wallet systems.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

NeoWorlder 2021 - 2023

As the CTO and Co-Founder of NeoWorlder, I led a team in developing a cutting-edge metaverse financial infrastructure, including a 3D exploration system, an AI layer, and an NFT marketplace. This role honed my skills in managing complex projects, leading a diverse team of developers, and delivering innovative solutions on time and within budget.


Horizon Africa 2018 - 2023

My tenure as Co-Founder of Horizon Africa further underscores my expertise in blockchain technology. I was instrumental in overseeing all technical planning and implementation, from setting up a permissioned blockchain to implementing decentralized apps and various wallets. This experience showcases my ability to navigate the intricate landscape of blockchain technology and leverage it to achieve tangible outcomes.

Technology Lead

CryptoFish 2018 - 2022

At CryptoFish, as the Technology Lead, I managed the technical infrastructure of the cryptocurrency platform, which included integrating onramp and offramp payment methods and marketing features. This role demanded a high degree of technical acumen and the ability to anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of the market.


Codevigor Ltd 2014 - 2024

My role as the Director of Codevigor Ltd since 2014 allowed me to enchange my capability in not just technical leadership but also in business management, innovation, and market research. My responsibilities extend beyond the technical side, encompassing digital and offline marketing, research, innovation, and sales.

Educations and Certifications

University of Greenwich

Diploma Mobile Communications and Technologies

University of Mauritius

Bachelor of Science



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