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Tomas B. Engineering Tech Lead/CTO - React.js, PHP, Javascript, AWS

Tomas B.

  • Thailand
  • 14 years
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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12+ years of professional experience. Started writing first code at age of 15 in Pascal and C programming languages.

Developed the most advanced expertise in deploying Dockerized scalable applications written in most popular languages/engines/run environments such as Typescript, Javascript, Node.js, Python, Php, Java - supported by NoSQL Document orientend DB or RDBMS like MariaDb, MongoDB in Cloud oriented environment like GCP or AWS.
Competent at DevOps operations GCP/AWS, managing high traffic website bottlenecks, administrating dozens of servers and cooperating with management team to achieve speed/reliability of bussiness critical online services.

Furthermore acquired leadership skills, agile methodologies and project management.


SysAdmin & DevOps:
Docker & Kubernetes, Ansible, Google Container Engine, AWS, BaSH scripting, Linux server administrations, Nginx & Apache Web servers, Varnish, Memcache

Languages, frameworks and runtime environments:
Golang, Javascript & Typescript [Node.js, Nest, Express, React ], PHP [Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Nette], Python, C++, C#, AngularJs, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SCSS

Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB

Team collaboration:
Github, Jira, Trello, Slack

Agile skills:
CTO, Product Owner, Scrum, Extensive code reviews, Pair-Programming

IT Recruitment, preparing interviews and coding tests

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Tech lead & Chief Technology Officer

EliteBrains Sep 2021 - Present

I have been responsible for designing the architecture of the coding assessment platform as well as hiring and leading a team of 3 developers working on that platform. I have worked with Javascript, Express.js, AWS, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL and other technologies.

Tech Lead Jan 2017 - Aug 2021 · 4 yrs 8 mos

Hired and led team of 3-5 engineers developing features for reality agents using various modern tech stack - Javascript & PHP
Monitoring of system using Datadog, New Relic, Sentry
Managing infrastructure in Amazon AWS
Containerizing applications using Docker and running on Kubernetes clusters

Lead Developer

Rabbit Internet Jan 2016 - Jan 2017 · 1 yr 1 mo

Led Team of 3-5 developers using agile methodologies.

Extensive code quality reviews, designing code architecture, applications optimizations, designing databases, communication with other teams, communication with clients & product owners, deployments and change management, database migrations.

PHP(Laravel/Lumen frameworks), AngularJs, Postgresql, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Vagrant, *nix systems administriation, git versioning, Google Compute Engine Cloud management.

Web Developer & Sys Admin

Alpha Founders Jan 2014 - Jan 2016 · 2 yrs 1 mo

Venture company consist of multiple startups.

Technical HR Recruitment
Server administration of multiple projects
Web Development (frontend, backend)
Security Analysis
Database administrator

Web Developer Jan 2014 - Dec 2015 · 2 yrs

Developing Financial platform comparison.

Platform consist of multiple websites for financial products, search and compare engine and CRM for AskHanuman broker company.

Backend/Frontend development
System administration
DB administration
Deployment management

Co-Founder & Backend Developer

BeatBeat May 2013 - Jan 2014 · 9 mos

Lifestyle technology for businesses that gives their visitors power to check or change background music via mobile app.

Used Technologies:
ObjectiveC (iOS)
Java (Android)
Python - Flask & Tornado framework
PHP - Nette Framework

Freelance Web Developer

Self Employed 2012 - Dec 2013 · 2 yrs

Developing Web Application on demand.

Frontend Developer Feb 2012 - May 2013 · 1 yr 4 mos

Development of browser extensions

A browser extension is a plug-in that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. Some extensions are authored using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Educations and Certifications

Czech Technical University in Prague

Information Technology 2009 - 2013
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