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Sunny S. Data Engineer

Sunny S.

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  • Nepal
  • 2+ years
  • Part-time (less than 40 hrs a week)
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Throughout my career, I have contributed to impacting business outcomes through effective organization, prioritization, and execution of key projects. My skills and qualifications are an ideal match to the Data Engineer requirements and will bring immediate value to any company goals that need Data Engineering and Warehousing Skills.

Previously, in my Data Engineer role, I exercised a calculated and methodical approach to problem-solving. I am independently motivated, yet I appreciate team efforts and collaborate productively within groups. Additionally, I am knowledgeable in Snowflake and DBT with proficiency in Python, AWS(ECS, EC2, S3, etc), IAC Tools(Terraform).

I believe my problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership abilities will support and drive continued organizational success.

To demonstrate the scope of my career history and professional competencies, please take a moment to review my resume. I appreciate your evaluation of my credentials and subsequent response.



Sunny Shah


Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Data Engineer

July 2023 - Present

Interacting with business people and coming up with solutions to solve business needs with the help of data which helped achieving company quarterly OKRs.

Associate Data Engineer

Aug 2022 - June 2023
  • Took responsibility and ownership for maintaining Data Pipelines (DBT) and implementing best practices for testing and writing SQL in DBT.
  • Maintaining a CI pipeline in GitHub Actions to have quick feedback for data model source contributors. The pipeline runs the code quality, the written models, and data testing which ensures the data team standards, running code, and data accuracy.
  • Keep a tab on existing technical debt, issues in GitHub, and stale Pull Requests, and work on a plan to knock out each of those as deemed necessary.
  • Importing AWS infrastructure into Terraform (IAC) and syncing the resources in all development, staging, and production. While Importing, the unnecessary resources were removed which helped the company to save the cost.
  • Support Web and API team, Platform Engineers, by creating or testing Snowpipes for ingesting organizational data in the Warehouse(Snowflake).
  • Ingested various sources of data in the warehouse and prepared the data by modeling in DBT(which makes the data ready for Analytics) which valued the organization to become a self-service BI which helps to progress through phases of Data to AI Maturity Model.
  • Analyze query cost in Snowflake and identified cost reduction opportunities.
  • Researched best practices for optimization in performance and implemented optimization of Snowflake queries(fetching billions of rows) by implementing cluster keys which helped boost the query performance.
  • Assisted migration of data pipelines existing in Xplenty to Prefect orchestration due to the lower return value compared to the cost spent. The goal of the pipelines was to fetch data from clients' REST APIs and ingest them to the organization's API endpoint and built with Python and Pandas library

Engineering Apprentice (Data Engineer)

Feb 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Assisted Senior Data Engineer on to build the infrastructure for the data pipeline.
  • Implementation of Selenium and Python to make automated and scheduled Data Pipelines using Prefect:
    - Extract data from the Dashboard
    - Transform data according to business need
    - Load the data in S3 Bucket, and further load it into Snowflake using Fivetran.
  • Researched how to automate the process of data extraction from Dashboards using Selenium and Python.
  • Cohere to the development process followed by the company.
  • Participate in SCRUM events like planning/feature discussion, daily stand-ups, demos, and retrospectives
  • Learned ways of Data Modeling and contribute to projects using DBT.
  • Learned about Data Modeling and the importance of Data Modeling for business needs.

Software Developer

May 2020 - Mar2021
  • Learned Laravel and implemented it to make dynamic websites for clients by understanding the business requirements.
  • Learned MVC
  • Created static website using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP
  • Involved in a StartUp company as Backend Developer

Educations and Certifications

Bachelors in Software Engineering

2017 - 2022

DBT Fundamentals

Sept 2022 - Sept 2024

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