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Moazzam W. Full-stack mobile web Developer

Moazzam W.

  • Pakistan
  • Full-time (40 hrs/week)
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I am Senior Software Developer with over 13 years of extensive professional experience in full software development life cycle (SDLC).

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Developer in Smart City

since Jan 2020
  • Developing Car park booking API
  • Workinnng on th erachitecture and software development
  • Workig with:
    • Angular
    • Python
    • C#
    • Asp.NET
    • Apache Cassendra Db,

Consultant in Majesco

Aug 2018 – Nov 2019
  • Support worked on PETRONAS - Annual Review of Petroleum Resources (ARPR) enhancement and bugsfixing
  • Worked in enhancement of PETRONAS - PEARL
  • Developed uploader control, multi hierarchy level Gantt chart controls for SKK MigasIndonesia
  • Developed POC project for Vessels demo by using ML.Net in .Net core and Kendo UI
  • Developed domain-driven architecture for admin console application with AngularJS and Angular7

Application Developer in AMK Technology

Nov 2017 – May 2018
  • Worked on changes of TNB SSP portal
  • Developed Landlord tagging, allow user to apply job at a time, Added GE policy
  • Performed anomaly resolution, cataloging of errors concerning new changes; resulted in a better performing product for the end user, and helped make error-correcting process more efficient
  • Environment: C#, MVC 5, Angular2, Linq query, Sql Trigger

Software Engineer in Atyeti Sdn Bhd

Dec 2016 – Aug 2017
  • Developed Mobile Web API of eCourt System in C#, EF, Json, Sql Server StoredProcedure
  • SqlInjection. Fuzzy and Load testing by using SoapUI
  • Environment: .NET Framework 4.5, C#

Software Engineer in Hitect Sdn Bhd

March 2011 - Sept 2016
  • Developed front and back end AdminUI Panel Dashboards with Reporting Widgets of in Asp.Net Core 1.1, Angular2, EF and Sql Server
  • Developed Video Matrix, Dashboard, 2D Model, Event Search clients for Smart Lockup Video Analytics Intelligent Surveillance platform in C#, WPF and OpenCV C++ system works by recognizing unusual movements and behaviour of lockup, such as loitering, climbing, vandalism, suicidal tendencies and fighting and 2D location marker then pinpoints the incident area and an alert is generated on the map
  • Developed the Android app for Video Analytics Intelligent Surveillance platform to run the live camera video and show event detection in Xamarin 7.2. 
  • Developed & maintained Knowledge Management system widget in WPF, C# and Visifirechart
  • Developed the Asus Sales Monitoring Application in MVC 5, C#, SqlServer, AngularJS (1.58), NPM, Node.js, Bootstrap AppUI, EDMX model, WebAPI, Json to maintain the Promoter, Retailer Weekly Sales, Distributor monthly sales and generated HTML report based onsales
  • Developed BMW customer inquiry application in MVC 5, C#, SqlServer, AngularJS (1.58), NPM, Node.js, Bootstrap AppUI, EDMX model, WebAPI,Json
  • Developed Resume Search application in VB 6, MS Access, SqlServer 2005, and Integration Service Package
  • Collaborated closely with other team members to plan, design,and develop robust solutions
  • Developed the nUnit mockup modules
  • Environment:WebAPI, TCP/IP Socket, VB6, nUnit, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Entity Framework. .NET Framework 4.0/4.5, WPF, MVC 4.0, Asp.Net Core 1.1, AngularJS 1.6, Angular2, Json

Software Developer in Assurety Consulting

Oct 2007 - May 2008
  • Developed window service to collect the appointment and container information from the USPS Fast system in C#. 
  • Collaborated with project manager to develop robustservice
  • Environment: ASP.NET/C#, SqlServer 2000

Junior Software Developer in Zarai Tarqiati Bank Limited

Ma 2005 - 30 Sept 2007
  • Prepared detailed reports concerning project specification and activities
  • Collected stakeholder requirements and submitted to project manager
  • Stored, retrieved and manipulated data for close analysis of systemcapabilities
  • Modified existing software to correct error, upgrade interfaces, and improveperformance
  • Environment: ASP.NET/C#, SqlServer 2000, Javascript

Educations and Certifications


Karachi, Pakistan (2005)

Bachelor in Computer Science

CGPA 3.13

Microsoft Certified Professional Transcript

Jan 2011
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