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Seyed T. Frontend Engineer, UX/UI Developer, Performance Specialist

Seyed T.

  • United States
  • 7 years
  • Part-time (less than 40 hrs a week)
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Passionate frontend engineer cross-experienced in e-commerce, ux/ui/, web accessibility (WCAG "A,AA,AAA"), and building MVP's/Proof of Concepts. Technology is my hobby, alongside chess. I love my cats and am family-oriented. Yet, extremely entrepreneurial. I do not overcharge-- I have experience in the discovery process and documenting functional specs.

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Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

took 1 year
  • Ideation started from y suggestion with the Thermador Upper Management and Directors
  • I was involved in every step, managing, contributing, and bringing silos together
  • Contributed in the creative process
  • Contributed heavily with the UX
  • Chose the tech stack (headless Wordpress CMS, React/Redux, Bootstrap 4, AWS, CI/CD pipeline
  • Integrated it with dealers whom have been responding extremely positively about the sales funnel
  • Created a way to save, in the URL without needing to sign-up, a way to keep track of exactly where you left off on your build, or even sharing with others.
  • Aided in consumer journey mapping from site to dealer to sale, all tracked via salesforce

Educations and Certifications


Marketing 2013

Excelled at La Sierra University. Won several business competitions which granted the freshman on my team a generous scholarship. Took control of a non-profit that is aimed at keeping Riverside healthy. 


Part-time volunteer

For disabled pet sanctuaries as a web developer
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