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Hasan Edain

Hasan Edain

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  • Mill Creek, Washington
  • 25 years
  • Part-time (less than 40 hrs a week)
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I have had an life long interest in computing and technology (focusing on Apple products) since I attended Reed College majoring in Philosophy and instead decided to teach myself coding in the early 90's. As a Washington native I was happy to start my career at Boeing working in IT, before moving on to AT&T as a Sustaining Engineer.  As the 2000's dawned, I jumped at the change to work for a storage startup in San Francisco, and when the boom busted,  I was happy to get a freelance job at one of Napster clones for Mac. 

My background has been interesting and varied in the last 20 years. I developed software for an international Go Karting company. I worked on medical device software to help radiologists diagnose breast cancer with fewer false positives. I was able to transfer interest and knowlege of games to Big Fish games as a Software Engineer. I spent 2010 in New Zealand with a friend, learning how to develop for the emerging iPhone and IOS technologies, and  came back to the States just in time to enjoy some great jobs with as a lead at Walt Disney company and led a team of talented engineers at an innovative ad start-up which flourished during the pandemic. 

To summarize: Experience in team leadership, Swift, Objective C, Cocoa, project management, requirement specification, documentation, Git. Natural trouble shooter/problem solver with proven track record of creative innovation. Excellent communication skills; able to effectively translate complex technical information for non-technical audiences. History of managing, leading and mentoring. Hardworking fast study.

Skills and experiences

Skills and experiences

Principal iOS Developer

Swiftly Inc 2019-2023

Built a 9 person team which delivered hundreds of versions of many iOS applications.Build an "application builder" set of frameworks that allowes fast creation of branded experience for brick and mortar stores. Forged strong working relationship with Android, Service and Design groups to ensure efficient use of people for delivery in time and resource constrained conditions.

Lead iOS Developer

Disney 2014-2019

Led 4-20 person teams to deliver iOS applications to help guests enjoy the Disney Parks. My team was responsible for Ticket and Annual pass purchases and redemptions. Worked across a team of over 100 developers to adopt protocol oriented programming approaches.

Encouraged use of Sprite Kit in UIView hierarchy to add motion. 


Z2 Live 2013-2014

Wrote client and server code that supported all game projects. Objective C, Node JS, Git, Java. Requirements gathering, implementation, unit tests, agile methodologies. Added 5 major features to the core functionality for all games to use.


Big Fish Games 2012-2013

Built streaming client applications for Big Fish game content. Objective C, Java, Java Script, C, SVN. Shipped Android product. Built iPad application. Built OSX application. On time delivery with aggressive schedules. Drove adoption of continuous build as part of development process. Interfaced with test to create automation tools. Mentored team in Objective C development. Built on demand resource pipeline for game content.


UI EVOLUTION 2011-2012

Created iPhone applications to support customer requests. Worked with Project Managers to specify and deliver necessary functionality. Coordinated with co-workers to ensure Android functionality parity. Mentored team members in Objective C and iPhone standards.



Created mobile applications to support mental health of soldiers, veterans and their families. Worked with psychologists to specify and deliver necessary functionality. Coordinated with co-workers to ensure Android functionality parity. Mentored team members in Objective C and iPhone standards.

Educations and Certifications


Antioch University 2004

Interdisciplinary studies focusing on Why and How.

AA Computer Studies

Everett Community College 1993

Programing in Basic and C, as well as many related studies.

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