Frontend developer

  • Remote
  • Required skills: Vue.js, Storybook.js, Laravel, AWS Lambda, GraphQL
  • Full-time
  • $50 - $75/hour

We’re a progressive startup in the igaming industry currently seeking an insightful front end developer to join our growing team of devs and creatives. The front end developer workload generally consists of working with Vue.js to implement front end components and building out pages using the components we’ve created in Storybook. You must be versatile and be able to pivot with the product as it continues to evolve. We use a cross functional approach for our team, so you will be working with various devs, creatives, etc to accomplish unified goals. Below is our stack with the required skills for this position:

  • Vue.JS 3

    • This is the core skillset that is required for this position. Candidate MUST have commercial experience in component-driven development with reusable components, along with creating highly responsive layouts using current web standards for high traffic sites. Must also have experience leveraging server side rendering (SSR).

  • Storybook.js/Chromatic

    • We use this to manage all components - must have prior experience working with it as our workflow is integrated with it, and we move at a fast pace.

  • Figma

    • All of our designs are created beforehand within Figma, so you must be able to use Figma efficiently and understand how to translate the designs into usable code.

  • Laravel 10

    • Although you will not be doing much backend dev (if any at all), you will need experience working with Laravel, as this is the BE framework we are using which is integrated with Vue.JS as FE.

  • Serverless/AWS Lambda

    • Our project is completely event-driven and runs in a fully serverless environment. Due to this, you will need to have experience with how serverless architectures work as this affects how certain functions are used within Vue.js.

  • Javascript

    • Must have extensive experience working with vanilla JS as well as other JS runtimes including jQuery, AJAX and node.js.

  • GraphQL

    • We utilize a single GraphQL endpoint for all data queries, so you will need to be very comfortable using it.

  • Git + Playwright + Vitest

    • Candidate must have experience working with a workflow that has continuous integration built into it. As part of this, you will need to have experience with integration testing and writing unit tests for validation with Vitest and Playwright. Must also understand how to use git efficiently.

  • Jira + Confluence + Slack

    • We use Jira as our project management software along with Confluence for documents. Slack is what we use for team communication.

This position will require a near full time schedule (30-40 hours). You should also be available for at least a short period of time daily to have discussions and status updates as needed. If you’ve made it this far and you feel that you’re a good candidate for the position, great! We look forward to meeting you - There’s just one last thing - please provide the answer to the following question at the beginning of your application for the best chance of consideration for the position: Directives are indicated by what prefix within Vue.JS? Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

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