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Haidar Khazen CTO, VP of Engineering

Haidar Khazen

  • Austin, Texas
  • 20+ years
  • Contract, Part-time, Full-time
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I am an accomplished technology leader with deep expertise in creating innovative technology solutions and growing successful companies. With broad based knowledge and oversight of information technology infrastructure I have proven my ability to direct multiple complex projects, develop teams, control budgets, and ensure optimal performance. I am also adept at formulating and implementing strategies that leverage internal strengths, accomplish specific business goals, and deliver unique market solutions in dynamic ever-changing environments.

• Designed, architected, and facilitated development and deployment of 4 major releases of the company’s core Web software which provided a framework facilitating rapid implementation of new product features and increased system stability.

• Achieved > 100% yearly revenue increases by designing, implementing, and streamlining operation’s procedures for bioskills and surgical training labs.

• Led a team of up to 25 developers and technical staff including project managers, developers, database administrators, systems administrators, and QA as well as 3rd-party contractors; developed and maintained a successful product.

IT Leadership | Strategic Planning | Cross-Organization Collaboration | Client Needs Analysis
Rapid Prototype and Development | Continuous Process Improvement | Security and Business Continuity
Systems Integration | Operations | Staff Development | Training | Mentoring
Chief Technology Officer | CTO | VP Engineering 

Skills and experiences

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

ATMGo - 2018 - Present (3 years) - Austin, Lyon, London

Developed and Implemented companywide technologies, programs, and strategies to support internal company operational and efficiency efforts as well as business requirements for the company’s customer-facing website.

• Set long-term strategy for technology use across the company, providing new features and services, improving efficiency, reducing costs by 30%, and more than doubling revenue.

• Designed and developed a multi-language website from the ground up by utilizing open source frameworks including the provisioning and configuration of servers, a flexible and efficient database design, and integrations with multiple 3rd party blockchain and cryptocurrency APIs. Provided a fully functioning service for company’s clients.

• Implemented a collaboration plan using a variety of technology tools, allowing personnel across the world to partner together to develop services and maximize customer satisfaction.

• Addressed business requirements such as gathering and analyzing data, providing metrics, supplying management tools, and supporting operations; significantly improved insight and decision making.

• Directed all company IT initiatives including integration of 3rd-party solutions, disaster recovery implementation, business continuity procedures, and incorporation of network and website security solutions, ensuring operational success and system availability.


The Rhazenette Corp. - 2003 - Present (18 years)

Contracted with clients to solve problems, implement technologies, streamline operations, and increase sales.

• Partnered with trade associations, service firms, and retailers to design
and implement IT architecture including preventative maintenance, disaster recovery solutions, business continuity planning, and network services (email, DNS, FTP, web, etc.); produced effective and efficient operations.

• Designed and developed interactive websites for a broad range of clientele including state-wide associations, service firms, and retail and healthcare organizations, achieving clients’ growth goals.

• Served as facilitator between clients and third parties, turning failing projects into successes.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & COO

MedtoMarket - 2011 - 2016 (5 years) - Austin, TX

Directed all lab planning, operations, and purchasing. Implemented technology solutions to increase internal efficiency and to improve customer service. Developed new product concepts.

• Oversaw all company IT and operations functions as well as supervision of company legal and financial roles; increased stability and certainty.

• Negotiated with vendors and analyzed contracts, obtaining favorable pricing and terms, and limiting cost increases by 50%.

• Established long-term strategy for technology use across the company, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and providing new features and services for clients and internal users.

Chief Technology Officer


Managed the architectural design, implementation, and release of the company’s emergency medical card product. Collaborated across company divisions to obtain necessary requirements for a successful delivery.

• Designed and implemented company website using open source technologies and integrated back-end medical records database, providing a solid product foundation for the company.

• Liaised closely with large clients to facilitate integration, ensuring successful partnerships.

• Managed design of company’s next-generation emergency medical
record web, data, and communications platform, securing sensitive medical information, ensuring high-traffic performance, and complying with standards. Maximized client satisfaction and to minimized complications.

Chief Technology Officer

GalleryWatch - 1996 - 2010 (14 years)

Directed a technical team of 20 to implement and maintain the core platform and product features. Collaborated with key executives to provide vital technology components consistently across the company.

• Attained a complete re-architecture of the GalleryWatch system, further enhancing performance, security, and scalability with increased open standards usage.

• Completed prototype systems for new products by using newer technologies. Provided previews of new services to customers on schedule and within budget despite aggressive timelines.

• Performed technical analysis of third-party services; led to the acquisition of two companies.

• Developed an IT strategic plan that supported all company initiatives and goals, maintaining a consistent vision for technology across all company divisions.

Educations and Certifications

The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science - BS, Electrical Engineering

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