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Aleksey Sundukovskiy Fractional CTO, Expert Senior Developer

Aleksey Sundukovskiy

  • Los Angeles
  • 12+ years
  • Part-time, Full-time, Contract
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Grid/Subgrid tools (jqGrid + jQuery)
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I'm looking for an opportunity to apply my passion for providing delivery of solutions to varying levels of senior stakeholders.Achieving excellence in project development using agile methodologies in leading teams through the Standard Development Life Cycle. Implementing products and tools to manage those products in a scalable and efficient manner to help drive the strategic vision of the company. I would like to be able to utilize my development skills, management know-how, design and architecture strengths and cutting edge tech. capability with big-data and nosql solutions..

I'm evolving a very large and complex system which allows clients using either mobile phones, or the web to place and track their bets with Casinos and Sportsbooks.
After applying our business intelligence to this data we serve it to our individual clients (we also have great native clients for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry) and partner sites.

In the past I've been working for a mobile solutions company and have been enjoying creating very high traffic sties for our partners in Asia (PNET,,, Taleo,iProperties) It is also a great learning experience to have worked with Titanium framework which allows us to write code in JS but produce native code for Iphone and Android devices such as we did for the BlackEnterprice, HerbChambers,KWCHNews and iPad app for the LA Times.

I am interested in Software Architecture, Project Management.

I would like to explore further and have worked with in some cases: Hadoop (map/reduce), JQuery, Commet( longpolling,push architecture, web sockets, iFrame , HTML5) , NoSQL(HBASE, Cassandra, CouchDB, sharding), caching(EhChache, Memcache)

Specialties: I've worked on various operating systems on front and back end applications using Java and scripting languages, Oracle and MySql databases, Hibernate for ORM , Tomcat and JBoss application servers, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE’s, CVS/Subversion/Perforce, Spring for dependency injection, and Maven for builds. Of recent had a lot of various JS libraries (DOJO, JQuery) exposure. Restful clients XML/JSON data parsing. I am familiar with SDLC, Agile methodologies and test-driven development. 

Skills and experiences

Chief Technology Officer

Stealth Startup - December 2019 - Present (1 year 3 months)

RoR, RailsAdmin, ReactNative, Airtable, AWS, Braintree, CodePush, MixPanel


Nugg - November 2017 - February 2020 (2 years 4 months) - Los Angeles

Participated in the initial design and implemenation of the application three years ago.
Since rejoining the organization I've been tasked by founders with focusing on: 1.Building and managing the tech team

2. Efforts to pay the accumulated technical debt
3. Documenting the system and important processes
4. Refactoring significant back-end and front-end pieces hobbled by outdated and/or inefficient implementations which caused significant UX problems and performance bottlenecks.


Juhll Agency - November 2015 - September 2017 (1 year 11 months)

Providing leadership for a dynamic team of technology professionals. Meeting and exceeding the enterprise development needs of our corporate clients.
Primary areas of concern:
- Enterprise Systems architecture design and implementation
- Systems integration
- Business Intelligence / Analytics

Chief Technology Officer


Key responsibilities:
Bring investor vision for neo-banking products to market.
Work with marketing, compliance, and business development to define products.
Refine product features, align with marketing strategy (PRD).
Estimate cost and duration for development (WBS).
Create a blue-print of the entire system for partners and network clients consumption
Elicit requirements and develop user-stories, use cases, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and technical specification for realizing each use case (FR,TRD)
Create a responsive-design corporate site with UX and front end engineer using Bootstrap and JQuery
Create a wire-frames and high-fidelity, clickable, blue-print prototype using Axure of the entire customer facing product for desktop, Android, iOS Select vendor for front end banking portal integration based on defined parameters (cost, features, etc.)
- Complete SOW for the Proof of Concept
- Took delivery of the POC
- Put together a local and remote team of resources
- 2 senior Java, DBA, front-end dev, PM, analyst (on-site)
- 3 Java devs, part-time DBA, UX designer, lead dev, architect (off-shore) - Contract 7 resources from integration partner for adapter and integration layer development with banking platforms based on Fis, Fiserv, JackHenry core banking technology.
- Develop user acceptance documentation.
- Create testing plans.
- Unit, DB, integration suites
- End-to-end using Selenium
- Load and stress testing

Overseeing a budget of more than a $1.2 million. Managing 18 full time and part-time resources distributed across US, Eastern Europe and India delivered in 11 months a scalable, 99.999% available, fault tolerant system in the cloud. Published APIs for partners
Several Availability zones
Load balanced
Utilizing CI/CD process
Protected APIs accessible only through VPN
Flexible architecture for integrating with clients and partners (other financial institutions Banks, Credit Unions)

Manager of Solutions Architecture

DIRECTV - September 2012 - December 2013 (1 year 4 months)

Key Responsibilities: management of the system design, architecture, implementation and production support of key sports related projects.

Preliminary Scope Review – engage stakeholders and sponsors to produce Business Proposal and Scope of Project documentation
Requirements gathering– gather functional and non-functional requirements from sponsors

High Level Subsystem Identification – several company standard UML diagrams and documents that help identify impacted or needed systems Engineering LOE – engage all the sub-system owners to get a rough level of effort to see if the cost justifies the business value added and to determine project timelines

Solutions Architecture Review- chose and evaluate appropriate architectural solutions available “in-house”; evaluate external vendors and COTS solutions. Have to take into account security (encryption, e-token, etc.), legal issues (e.g. personally identifiable data), scalability, availability; interoperability and back-ward compatibility among others

System Architecture Design – DTV has a complex architecture due to a large number of data providers (HBO, NFL, Yahoo!, LiveClips) and consumers (set- up-box, PlayStation, mobile devices).

Senior Manager and Principal Architect

Bettracker - August 2011 - October 2012 (1 year 3 months) - Los Angeles

Significant Architecture and Business Process Efforts
• Worked with senior management to create a business process for expressing all of the known European style/type bets as rules and formulas
• Wrote a new optimized parser for the Stats feed provider using XPATH
• Implemented a Hibernate/JDBC2 batching process to enhance performance • Led the team in extending the system to support Fantasy Leagues
• Created a unified Look-and-feel specification for Andoroid, Iphone,
and Blackberry devices and directed local and remote (Indian) team in implementation.
• Wrote a socket server to accept BetRadar instant/live feed notifications
• Created the architecture for applying rules and formulas to bets
• Created a rules engine which allows the business to create new rules
• Created a short circuit Boolean evaluation algorithm for evaluating statistics when a time constraint for event occurrence is not specified.
Significant Team Process Improvement Efforts
• Created a DB migration strategy for development
• Created a Unit, DBUnit Testing Harness for developers
• Resolved several deadlocking scenarios and created an overall strategy for handling deadlocks
• Created an Issue Tracking process using Pivotal Tracker and knowledge transfer and retention process using Atlassian Wiki solution (Confluence)
• Created a solution to repurpose legacy schema for many-to-many mapping needs

Significant Development Efforts
• Enhance existing partner facing APIs using RestEasy.
• Optimize algorithms for sport betting feeds (improve resource consumption and apply ORM optimization technique to increase the speed of service)
• Rewrite from ground up socket bets xml feed processing and consumer services focusing on high-availability concerns
• Create a process which would allow the existing probability algorithm calculate the odds for every game in the world currently in active play Nagios, Zabbix, Hudson, Jenkins

Mobile Architecture and Development

Gumiyo - February 2011 - August 2011 (7 months)

• Lead offshore and local resources in implementing complex solutions as well as providing responsive design web and mobile solutions.
Adopt and enhance existing CMS system to mobile platform needs taking into account performance, scalability, and security, cross browser compatibility, interoperability (write once have it work everywhere) and latency.

• Took to production several projects in various stages of development: including a templatized mobile news reader application designed to work on iPhone and Android phone clients; mobile browser compatible property search companion application meant to compliment an existing web-based site by supporting distributed client operations all handled via a restful API; petrol search mobile app making heavy use of Google Map static, and V2 as well V3 JS/jQuery API.

• Tools and technologies used: Fiddler2 to construct and troubleshoot HTTP calls before implementing a custom Java communication client and a JSON/ XML consumer written in Groovy; JMeter for load testing; Google Maps Static and Dynamic API; Domain Restful API; jQuery and event driven JS for Titanium Developer (an emulator and code generator used for generating native iPhone and Android calls)

Program Analyst Leader

Computer Science Corporation - April 2009 - July 2010 (1 year 4 months)

Currently I am supporting several applications at the Raytheon Missile Systems. As the team is quite small I get to "wear several hats" simultaneously. I play the role of Unix administrator for our PHP projects. I also execute release management tasks such as setting up Subversion server/clients for the new and existing projects, writing build, deploy scripts, and perform the actual environment deployment tasks. I perform various database managment tasks for the Oracle and MySQL server. I also work with the various clients to capture the requirements and with several teams to design new systems, impliment fixes and new functionality for existing projects. The latter activities require project planning, writting various specs, and test plans. This positions is a great fit as I get to design systems as well do some of the more specialized implementation tasks as well as lead teams of three to five developers through various stages of project implementation.

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