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Supported technologies

Android Android
C# C#
dApps dApps
Flutter Flutter
Java Java
Javascript Javascript
MongoDB MongoDB
Next.js Next.js
Node.js Node.js
Oracle Oracle
Python Python
React.js React.js
Ruby Ruby
Rust Rust
Solidity Solidity
Spring Spring
Swift Swift
Symfony Symfony
Vue.js Vue.js
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Code analysis - understanding of existing code

Every developer should be able to read and understand the code of his current or former colleagues. Building the project from scratch is great, but more often you will be looking for a person who will build addittional feature, functions, refactoring the existing code base. The example questions:

  • What is the output of the following code
  • Why a syntax error is displayed after compiling following code
  • How to fix the following bug

Programming skills

Last but not least, strong developer should have a strong experience with writing the code and building the apps from scratch. This part of questions cover the most important part - programming skills. Few examples of questions:

  • Write an SQL statement to insert one row
  • Fill the missing line of the code on line 18
  • Type a script for initializing javascript object.


1 credit = 1 invitation = $14.90

Create as many tests variation as you wish.
Pay only for candidate invitation.

  • Unlimited tests
  • Unlimited technologies
  • Unlimited users
  • Credit validity 12 months