How Novartis hired and elite frontend engineer through EliteBrains

What is the greatest nightmare of working with freelancers? Most employers will tell you it’s developers who tend to embellish their resumes and then spectacularly fail to live up to the expectations they set.
Top freelance marketplaces understand that - and this is why EliteBrains is an exclusive club, limited to software developers who pass the strict vetting process. Here’s how we do it.

Jiri Matousek, Head of IT Novartis
EliteBrains provided us with a top frontend developer who has been working for us for more than 4 years. Johny became indispensable part of our team within few weeks.
7.3.2021 Jiri specified what problem he has and what developer could help him out.
8.3.2021 ElitBrains picked vetted engineers from the community and did addittional screening using its own coding assessment platform.
9.3.2021 Jiri did 2 interviews and quickly decide Johny was meeting all the criteria. The whole process took less than 3 days.

John’s responsibilities within Jiri’s team

Implementing the frontend UI of interactive presentations.
Weekly updates.
Implementing dynamic elements in Javascript.
Aligning the responsivenes with Novartis CMS.
Checking important updates of used technologies

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